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Radio Show: Cavalcade Of America

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351009 No Turning Back 
351016 The Conquered Distance 
351023 The Spirit of Competition 
351030 The Will to Rebuild 
351106 Faith in Education 
351113 Woman's Emancipation 
351120 Willingness to Share 
351127 Community Self Reliance 
351204 Heroism in Medical 
351211 The Will to Explore 
351218 Defiance of Nature 
351225 The Humanitarian Urge 
360101 The Declaration of Independence 
360108 Woman in Public Service 
360115 Building and Architecture 
360122 Speed of Words 
360129 Enterprise 
360205 Loyalty to Family 
360212 Abraham Lincoln 
360219 The Bridge of Builders 
360226 Heroes of the Sea 
360304 Songs That Inspired The Nation 
360311 Preservation 
360318 They Also Serve 
360325 Conservation 
360401 Fame in Literature 
360408 Opportunity 
360415 Railroad Builders 
360422 Safety First 
360429 Self Reliance 
360506 The Artistic Impulse 
360513 Tillers of the Soil 
360520 Hardness 
360527 Resourcefulness 
360603 Songs of Rome 
360617 Heroes of Texas 
360624 Steamboat Builders 
360701 American Journalism 
360708 Victor Herbert, Master of Melody 
360715 Band Music in America 
360722 Band Music in America 
360729 Band Music in America 
360805 Band Music in America 
360826 Dance Music in America 
360902 American Musical Comedy and Operetta 
360916 The Orchestra of Today and How it Grew 
360923 Music of the Movies 
360930 Showmanship 
361007 Helping Hand 
361014 Sentinels of the Deep 
361021 John Winthrop 
361028 Edward MacDowell 
361111 Transcontinental Journeys 
361125 Songs of Sentiment 
361202 The Seeing Eye 
361209 The Story of Christ 
361223 A Tribute to Ernest 
361230 Yankee Independence 
370106 Winning Prestige for the American Stage 
370113 Father of Plastics 
370120 Songs of the Sea 
370127 Pioneer Woman Physician 
370203 Minute Men of the Air 
370210 The Man Who Couldn't Grow Old 
370217 Ounce of Prevention 
370224 Winning Recognition 
370303 National Parks Pioneers 
370310 Stephen Girard 
370317 James Fenimore Cooper 
370324 The House of Glass 
370331 The McGuffy Readers 
370407 Admiral Peary Discovers The Pole 
370414 Songs of the Gay Nineties 
370421 The Golden Touch 
370428 George Washington, Scientific Farmer 
370512 The Story of Dynamite 
370519 Thomas A Edison - The Man 
370526 Songs of the American Indian 
370602 Stories of American Dyes 
370609 The Eighth Wonder of the World 
370616 Stars of Destiny 
370623 The Pine Tree Shill 
370630 Luther Burbank 
370707 Music of Irving Berlin 
370714 Music of George Gershwin 
370721 Richard Rogers 
370728 Vincent Loumans 
370804 Rudolph Friml 
370811 Jerome Kern 
370825 Arthur Schwartz 
370901 Victor Herbert 
370908 Nacio Herb Brown 
370915 Cole Porter 
370922 Donald Voorhees 
370929 Edwin Booth 
371006 Mary Lyon, Pioneer 
371013 William Penn and the Holy Experiment 
371020 John Jacob Astor 
371027 Clara Louise Kellogg 
371103 Elmer Ambrose Sperry 
371110 John Bartram's Garden 
380209 Oliver Wendell Holmes 
380216 The Louisiana Purchase 
380223 Noah Webster 
380302 Anne Sullivan Macy 
380309 The Last of the Scouts 
380316 Captain Robert Gay 
380323 John James Audubon 
380330 Charlotte Cushman 
380406 The Search for Iron 
380413 Thomas Jefferson and American Eduction 
380420 The 4H Club Movement 
380427 Maria Mitchli 
380504 Songs of the Mississippi 
380511 Fra Junipero Serra 
380518 Benjamin Franklin 
380525 Child Welfare in America 
380601 Samuel Slater 
380608 King Coal 
400206 Jean Laffite 
401211 John Brown 
401218 The Undefended Border 
401225 The Green Pastures 
410312 Black Rust 
410319 I Sing A New World 
410326 Down to the Sea 
410428 Heart and the Fountain 
410616 Annie Oakley 
410623 Joel Chandler Harris 
410901 Leif Erikson 
410908 Geronimo 
410922 Native Land Pt 1 
410929 Native Land Pt 2 
411117 They Died with Their Boots On 
411208 Men in White 
411215 The Great Man Votes 
420112 The Gentleman From Paris 
420119 An American is Born 
420223 Arrowsmith 
420622 The Battle of the Ovens 
420803 This is Our Exile 
420831 The Prophet without Honor 
420914 Honorable Joseph C Grew Speech 
420921 Eagle to Britain 
421005 I Was Married on Bataan 
421026 In the Best Tradition 
421109 Torpedo Lane 
421123 Feast 
421214 The Man Who Wouldn't Be President 
421221 A Child Is Born 
421228 The Eagle's Nest 
430104 Between Them Both 
430118 Soldier of the Tide 
430315 A Case For The FBI 
430322 Lifetide 
430329 The Cook on a PT Boat 
430405 Submarine Astern 
430405 The Lengthening Shadow 
430419 Listen to the Sound 
430426 Soldiers in High Boots 
430510 Fat Girl 
430517 Nurses Under Sealed 
430524 Pharmacist's Mate 
430531 Mr Lincoln's Wife 
430621 Unsinkable Marblehead 
430628 Sky Nursemaid 
430705 Listen to the People 
430802 Nine Men Against the Arctic 
430809 Shortcut to Tokyo 
430816 The Major and the Mules 
430906 Double Play 
430913 Iron Camels 
430920 The Vengeance of Torpedo 8 
431004 Continue Unloading 
431011 Bob Hope Reports 
431101 Burma Surgeon 
431101 Diary on a Pig Boat 
431115 Twelve Desprate Miles 
431206 Navy Doctor 
431227 UBoat Prisoner 
440110 Here is Your War 
440124 The Doctor Shoots a Cannon 
440327 So Sorry, no Mercy 
440403 Ambulance Driver 
440417 A Mask for Jefferson 
440717 Boomerang 
450108 Name, Rank, Serial Number 
450205 Road to Berlin 
450226 Flight Nurse 
450326 Grandpa and the Statue 
450430 The Philippines Never Surrendered 
450514 Weather is a Weapon 
450521 How to Build Paradise 
450611 The Law West of the Pecos 
450827 Assignment for the Professor 
450910 Sawdust Underground 
450917 Nellie Was a Lady 
451008 Spy on the Kilocycles 
451029 My Son John 
451112 A Sailor who had to have a horse 
451210 Big Boy Blue 
451224 Names on the Land 
460114 Venture in a Silk Hat 
460121 The Camels are Coming 
460311 The Doctor with Hope In His Hands 
460318 Alaskan Bush Pilot 
460513 Storm 
460520 The Petticoat Jury 
460603 I Guess It's Here to Stay 
460923 The Old Fall River 
461230 The Rain Fakers 
470203 The Magnificent Failure 
470210 Voice Of The Wizard 
470317 The Man With Green 
470505 School for Men 
470512 Page One 
471124 Us Pilgrims 
480119 Sheriff Teddy 
480209 Mr Lincoln Goes To The Play 
490613 Footlights on the Frontier 
500321 I, Mary Peabody 
500613 The Redemption of Lottie Moon 
501205 The Grand Design 
501212 Ulysses In Love 
510206 Greeley of the Tribune 
520930 Gig of the Saginaw 
521007 One Way Out 
530224 Life on the Mississippi 

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