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Dimension X

Radio Show: Dimension X

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500408 The Outer Limit 
500415 With Folded Hands 
500422 Report On The Barnhouse Effect 
500429 No Contact 
500506 Knock 
500513 Almost Human 
500520 The Lost Race 
500527 To the Future 
500603 The Embassy 
500610 The Green Hills of Earth 
500617 There Will Come Soft Rains 
500624 Destination Moon 
500701 A Logic Named Joe 
500707 Mars Is Heaven 
500714 The Man in the Moon 
500721 Beyond Infinity 
500728 The Potters of Firsk 
500804 Perigi's Wonderful Dolls 
500811 The Castaways 
500818 The Martian Chronicles 
500825 The Parade 
500901 The Roads Must Roll 
500908 The Outer Limit 
500915 Hello Tomorrow 
500922 Dr Grimshaws Sanitorium 
500929 And The Moon Be Still 
501028 No Contact 
501105 The Professor Was A Thief 
501112 Shanghaied 
501119 Competition 
501126 Universe 
501224 The Green Hills Of Earth 
510107 Mars is Heaven 
510114 The Martian Death March 
510603 The Last Objective 
510610 Nightmare 
510617 Pebble In The Sky 
510624 Child's Play 
510712 Time and Time Again 
510719 Dwellers in Silence 
510726 Courtesy 
510802 Universe 
510809 The Veldt 
510816 The Vital Factor 
510823 Untitled Story 
510830 Marionettes, Inc 
510908 First Contact 
510915 Kaleidoscope 
510922 Requiem 
510929 Nightfall 
DX500408 - The Outer Limit 
DX500415 - With Folded Hands 
DX500418 - The Martian Chronicles 
DX500422 - Report on the Barnhouse Effect 
DX500429 - No Contact 
DX500506 - Knock 
DX500513 - Almost Human 
DX500520 - The Lost Race 
DX500527 - To The Future 
DX500603 - The Embassy 
DX500610 - The Green Hills of Earth 
DX500617 - There Will Come Soft Rain Zero Hour 
DX500624 - Destination Moon 
DX500701 - A Logic Named Joe 
DX500707 - Mars Is Heaven 
DX500712 - Time and Again 
DX500714 - The Man in the Moon 
DX500721 - Beyond Infinity 
DX500728 - Potter Of Firsk 
DX500804 - Perigi's Wonderful Dolls 
DX500811 - The Castaways 
DX500818 - The Martian Chronicles 
DX500825 - The Parade 
DX500901 - The Roads Must Roll 
DX500908 - First Contact 
DX500915 - Hello Tomorrow 
DX500922 - Dr. Grimshaws Sanitorium 
DX500929 - And the Moon Be Still as Bright 
DX501028 - No Contact 
DX501105 - The Professor Was A Thief 
DX501112 - Shanghied 
DX501119 - Competition 
DX501126 - Universe 
DX501224 - The Green Hills Of Earth 
DX510107 - Mars is Heaven 
DX510114 - The Martian Death March 
DX510603 - The Last Objective 
DX510610 - Nightmare 
DX510617 - A Pebble in the Sky 
DX510624 - Child's Play 
DX510712 - Time And Time Again 
DX510719 - Dwellers in Silence 
DX510726 - Courtesy 
DX510802 - Universe 
DX510809 - The Veldt 
DX510816 - The Vital Factor 
DX510823 - Untitled Story 
DX510830 - Marionettes Inc 
DX510908 - First Contact 
DX510915 - Kaleidoscope 
DX510922 - Requiem 
DX510929 - Nightfall 

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