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Incredible, But True

Radio Show: Incredible, But True

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01 The Man Who Walked Behind 
02 Water, Water Everywhere 
03 Mr Watt's Awakening 
04 Dead Man's Mirror 
05 The Man Who Saw Everything 
06 Human Atmosphere 
07 The End of David Lang 
08 What Day Will He Die 
09 The Playful Spirit 
10 Beware My Son 
11 Death of a Monster 
12 The Lady and the Lake 
13 The Woman Upstairs 
14 Footprints in the Sand 
15 The Dusk is Deceptive 
16 Enemy Unknown 
17 Barren Ground 
18 Trail of the Warebeast 
19 Veins of the Marble 
20 Death Makes a Landing 
21 Valley of Doom 
22 The Roving Pansinis 
23 The Room Upstairs 
24 Intruder on the Earth 
25 Music by Moonlight 
26 Cross of Blood 
27 Pretend Your Pavova 
28 Desert Magic 
29 The Vanishing Clergyman 
30 Voice of the Dead 
31 The Burglar of Blackpool 
32 Masque of Mystery 
33 The Abominable Snowman 
34 The Man Who Said Mass 
35 Two Heads are Better 
36 Film of Death 
37 Handwriting on the Wall 
38 Here Will You Lie 
39 Perrenial Guest 
40 Three Hundred Years Late 
41 Two Men in the Moon 
42 The Devil's Diggings 
43 The Whereabouts of Mr Wadham 
44 The Skull of Bettiscomb 
45 The One That Got Away 
46 Nemesis on the Left 
47 Goodbye Mr Bathurst 
48 Death Gives a Warning 
49 Mr Browning's Cufflinks 
50 The Doctor Pays a Call 
51 Letter to a Friend 
52 The Baming Spirit 
53 Room 117 
54 You Tell Me Your Dream 
55 Three Who Died 
56 Pray for Me 
57 Familiar Streets 
58 The Heat of Anger 
59 Water Wheel 
60 The Wolf on Bald Mountain 
61 The Constable's Companion 
62 Where There's Smoke 
63 The Phantom Army 
64 Rescue at Sea 
65 The Monk of Sawtooth Mountain 
66 Silent as a Tomb 
67 Requiem 
68 Death Has a Will 
69 Heads Up 
70 Only a Miracle 
71 Welcome Home 
72 The Wanderer 
73 The Stowaway 
74 Appointment in Stockholm 
75 Death Notice 
76 The Temple of Beal 
77 The Face of Death 
78 Dragon of Buren County 
79 Premonition 
80 Naked Man of Newbury 

More Mystery coming soon...

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