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The Inner Sanctum

Radio Show: The Inner Sanctum

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410101 Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam 
410107 Death for Sale 
410211 The Howling Dog 
410420 The Fog 
410518 Dead Freight 
410525 Death Is A Joker 
410803 The Tell-Tale Heart 
410810 The Death Ship 
411207 Island of Death 
411221 051 The Man From Yesterday 
411228 Death Has Claws 
420118 Dead Reckoning 
420503 Study For Murder 
420920 The Dead Walk 
430307 The Black Seagull 
430606 Death Across The Board - Raymond Massey 
430801 The Horla 
440108 The Dead Laugh 
440214 Birdsong for a Murder 
440415 The Skull That Walked 
440422 The Melody of Death 
440513 The Silent Hands 
440610 Death is a Joker 
441007 Dead Man's Vengeance 
441129 Voice on the Wire 
441206 205 The Color Blind Formula 
450109 Desert Death 
450123 Death Is An Artist 
450206 Death In The Depths 
450220 No Coffin For The Dead 
450306 (218) The Lost Refrain 
450313 Island of the Dead 
450403 The Meek Die Slowly 
450410 Bog-oak Necklace 
450417 The Judas Clock with Barry Kroeger 
450424 Song Of The Slasher 
450501 226 The Girl and the Gallows 
450515 (227) The Black Art 
450522 Dead to Rights 
450529 Musical Score 
450605 (230) Death Across The Board 
450612 Portrait of Death 
450619 Dead Man's Holiday 
450626 Dead Man's Debt 
450828 Dead Man's Deal 
450904 The Murder Prophet 
450911 The Last Story - Richard Widmark 
450918 Terror By Night 
450925 (238) The Lonely Sleep 
451002 The Shadow of Death 
451009 Death by Scripture 
451016 Till Death Do Us Part 
451023 Corridor of Doom with Boris Karloff 
451030 The Man Who Couldn't Die 
451106 The Wailing Wall 
451211 The Dark Chamber 
451218 The Undead 
460108 253 The Creeping Wall 
460115 The Edge Of Death 
460122 (255) The Confession 
460129 Blood of Cain 
460205 Skeleton Bay 
460212 The Man Who Couldn't Die 
460226 I Walk In The Night 
460312 Strands of Death 
460326 Death is a Double Crosser 
460409 Lady With A Plan 
460423 268 Make Ready My Grave - With Richard Widmark 
460507 You Could Die Laughing 
460521 Detour to Terror 
460604 Eight Steps To Murder 
460618 I Want To Report A Murder 
460819 Spectre of the Rose - Ben Hecht 
460909 Murder Comes At Midnight 
460923 Ghosts Always Get The Last Laugh 
461104 Death's Old Sweet Song 
461125 No Rest for the Dead 
470106 (300) Death Pays The Freight 
470203 Death Bound 
470210 The Ghost In The Garden 
470303 (308) The Corpse Nobody Loved 
470505 Don't Dance On My Grave 
470519 Terror by Night 
470623 Over My Dead Body 
471027 Till Death Do Us Part 
471229 Death Out Of Mind 
480112 Tempo In Blood 
480216 The Black Art (rerun) 
480308 The Magic Tile 
480329 Lady Killer 
480628 (377) The Corpse Laughs Last 
480705 (378) Death Demon 
480726 Murder Takes A Honeymoon 
480802 (382) The Murder Ship 
480809 (383) House of Doom 
480906 Death Rides a Riptide 
480920 Hangman's Island 
480927 Murder By Prophecy 
481018 Death of a Doll 
481115 Death Watch in Boston 
481206 Cause of Death 
481213 Murder Face East 
481220 Between Two Worlds 
490103 Fearful Voyage 
490110 Murder Comes To Life 
490117 405 Mark My Grave 
490124 The Deadly Dummy 
490131 Devil's Fortune 
490207 Death Demon 
490214 409 Birdsong For A Murder 
490321 Only the Dead Die Twice 
490328 An Appointment With Death 
490404 Death Wears A Lonely Smile 
490411 (417) Murder Off The Record 
490418 The Death Deal 
490509 Corpse on the Town 
490516 The Unburied Dead 
490523 Strange Passenger 
490606 Death On The Highway 
490620 Corpse Without A Conscience 
490704 Pattern For Fear 
490718 Deadly Fare 
490815 (435) Dead Heat 
490822 436 Mind Over Murder 
490829 Death's Little Brother 
490905 Murder Rides The Carousel 
490912 The Vengeful Corpse 
490919 (440) Honeymoon With Death 
490925 The Lonely Sleep 
491003 Catch A Killer 
491010 The Devil's Workshop 
491017 Image Of Death 
491031 A Corpse for Halloween 
491114 Wish To Kill 
491219 Beyond the Grave 
500109 Killer At Large 
500123 Hitchhiking Corpse 
500130 Skeleton Bay 
500327 Murder Mansion 
500417 Beneficiary Death 
500918 (473) Dead Man's Holiday 
501106 Twice Dead. 
501204 Beyond the Grave 
510205 (492) Snow White Scarf 
510219 The Smile Of Death (1st half only) 
510226 Man From The Grave (2nd half only) 
510528 The Unforgiving Corpse 
510604 (509) A Corpse There Was 
520622 Bird Song For A Murderer - With Boris Karloff 
520629 Terror by Night 
520706 Death Pays The Freight 
520713 Death for Sale - With Boris Karloff 
520720 The Listener 
520727 Murder Prophet 
520803 Murder off the Record 
520810 Magic Tile 
520824 521 No Rest For The Dead 
520831 Strange Passenger 
520907 The Meek Die Slowly 
520914 Till Death Do Us Part 
520921 The Corpse Nobody Loved 
520928 The Dead Walk At Midnight 
521005 Death Pays The Freight 
Birdsong for a Murderer 
Corpse in the Taxi 
Himan Brown Discusses The Creation of Inner Sanctum 
The Corpse In The Taxi 
The Onyx Eye 
The Waxwork 
Weight Machine 

More Mystery coming soon...

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