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The Man Called X

Radio Show: The Man Called X

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480815 Italian Art Collection 
480926 Laughing Lady 
510106 The Himmler Plates 
510113 Five Ounces Of Treason 
510120 Japanese Underground 
510217 Escape from North Korea 
510414 Treason at White Sands 
510421 Race Against Death 
510525 Medicine Smuggling 
510601 Underground Escape 
510615 Rubber Sabotage 
510629 Operation Zero 
511001 The Big Lie 
520108 Formula H Stolen 
520122 The Sword of Allah 
520208 Professor Reynolds is Murdered 
520219 Half-Penny Stamp 
520226 Venezuela Waterway Sabotage 
A Free Press for Vienia 
Assassination by Zombies 
Atomic Papers 
Carmel, California 
Grain Robbers in Bombay 
Indonesian Oil 
Land Reclamation Project 
Medicine Smuggling 
Oil in South America 
Opium Smuggling In Mexico 
Radio Freedom 
Relief in Italy 
Roulette Scheme 
Rubber Shortage 
Search for a Traitor 
Submarine in the Bay of Bengal 
The Big Lie 
The Insurance Racket 
The Mafia Contract 
The Missing Papers 
The Nationalista Party 
The Underground 
Trouble In The Mine 
Trouble Up the Amazon 
X Goes to India 
X440930 - Indian Quinine Contract 
X460723 - Strange Gal's Kisses 
X470403 - Arctic Expedition 
X470417 - The Oil Refinery 
X470424 - Mr Nessler and the Insurance Policy 
X470515 - The Stamp Story 
X470605 - Swindle to Honolulu 
X470619 - The Silver Scarab 
X470626 - Rembrandt in Rio 
X470724 - Destination Manila 
X470807 - Will You Marry Me 
X470821 - The Lost Ones 
X470918 - The Throne of Tayneen 
X471002 - No One Wind on Zero 
X471009 - All That Glitters 
X471016 - Timber 
X471102 - Ashes to Ashes 
X471109 - Written in the Sand 
X471116 - Journey to Zenophon 
X471123 - Report from the Arctic 
X471130 - Checkmate in Tahiti 
X471207 - Shipment Condemned 
X471214 - Delta Concerto 
X471221 - From a Starlit Hill 
X471228 - Assignment -- Naples 
X480104 - Spot the Eight Ball 
X480111 - Spirit of the Snows 
X480118 - Ranee of Shalakar 
X480125 - Carbon 14 
X480201 - One Way to Macassar 
X480208 - A Tiger for the Lady 
X480215 - Guns on the Niger 
X480222 - Operation Silver 
X480229 - Storm over the Alps 
X480307 - Passport to Danger 
X480314 - The Pickled Chemist 
X480321 - One Sailor Died Twice 
X480328 - A Ruby for Pearl 
X480808 - Mekong River Dam 
X480822 - Burma Peninsula 
X480829 - Contraband 
X480905 - Worth Her Weight In Gold 
X480912 - Kangaroo Bay, Australia 
X501013 - Custom Cigarettes 
X501020 - One Way to Macassa 
X501027 - Journey to Zhenapon 
X501103 - Professor Channey Has Disappeared 
X501111 - Rendezvous with Death 
X501118 - Warm Welcom, Sudden Death 
X501125 - Submarine in the Bay of Bengal 
X501202 - Dr. Alverez's Laboratory 
X501209 - Mr X Goes to Syria 
X501216 - Belgium Congo 
X501223 - Thurston's Chrismas Story 
X501230 - Rhythm of Death 
X50xxxx - Atomic Scientist Missing - Not Official Name 
X510127 - Orient Express 
X510203 - Pirates off the Coast of India 
X510210 - The Black of Diamonds 
X510224 - A Tiny Bit of Microfilm 
X510303 - Dope Smuggling 
X510310 - Cargo Confidant 
X510317 - University of Lyden 
X510324 - Missing Witness 
X510331 - The Blue Unicorn 
X510407 - India 
X510428 - Terror Across the Nation 
X510504 - Monte Carlo 
X510511 - Knocked Off His Feet 
X510518 - Enough Intrigue to Fill a Book 
X510608 - Grain Black Market in India 
X510622 - Vienna 
X510706 - The Casbah 
X510713 - Flying Trip to Indonesia 
X520101 - Petroleum Sabotage In Lima 
X520115 - Icy Sloaps of the Matahorn 
X520129 - Dirty Racket 
X520205 - The Clicking Buddah 
X520212 - Italy 
X520304 - Alaska Weather Station 
X520311 - Plan To Kill NATO Pact 
X520513 - Rescue From Czech Uranium Mine 
X520520 - Noah and His Arc 
X520527 - Operation Cabal 
Xxxxxxx - Red Mud 
Xxxxxxx - Strausberg Austria 
Xxxxxxx - Tibetan Prayer Wheel 

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