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Weird Circle

Radio Show: Weird Circle

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430829 The Fall of the House 
430905 The House and the Brain 
430912 The Vendetta 
430919 Narrative of Arthur 
430926 Declared Insane 
431003 A Terribly Strange Bed 
431010 What Was It 
431017 The Knight Bridge Mystery 
431024 The Horla 
431031 William Wilson 
431107 Passion In The Desert 
431114 Mated Falcone 
431121 The Man Without a Country 
431205 The Great Plague 
431212 Expectations of an Heir 
431226 Jane Eyre 
440102 Murders in the Rue Morgue 
440109 The Lifted Veil 
440116 The 415 Express 
440123 A Terrible Night 
440130 The TellTale Heart 
440206 Niche of Doom 
440213 The Heart Of Ethan Brand 
440220 Frankenstein 
440227 The Feast Of Red Gauntlet 
440305 The Murder Of The Little Pig 
440312 The Specter of Tappington 
440319 Strange Judgment 
440326 Wuthering Heights 
440409 The Cask of Amontillado 
440416 A Rope of Hair 
440423 Falkland 
440507 The Werewolf 
440903 The Dream Woman 
440924 The Bell Tower 
441119 The Executioner 
441231 The Diamond Lens 
450114 Duel Without Honor 
450211 Ancient Mariner 
450311 The Moonstone 
450318 The Pistol Shot 
450325 The Possessive Dead 
450401 The Goblet 
450408 The Case Of Monsieur Valdemar 
450415 The Shadow 
450506 The Red Hand 
450520 Markheim 
The Doll 
The Oblong Box 
The Tapestry Horse 

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