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550400 And the Moon Be Still And Bright 
550424 No Contact 
550501 The Parade 
550505 Mars Is Heaven 
550508 Universe 
550522 Knock 
550529 The Man In The Moon 
550605 Perigee's Wonderful 
550707 Green Hills of Earth 
550714 Dr. Grimshaw's Sanitorium 
550721 Nightmare 
550728 The Embasy 
550804 The Veldt 
550811 Almost Human 
550818 Courtesy 
550825 Cold Equations 
550901 Shanghaied 
550908 Martian Death March 
550915 Castaways 
550922 And the Moon Be Still 
551006 First Contact 
551020 Child's Play 
551027 Requiem 
551103 Hello Tomorrow 
551110 Dwellers in Silence 
551116 The Outer Limit 
551123 Zero Hour 
551130 The Vital Factor 
551207 Nightfall 
551214 To the Future 
551221 Marionettes Inc 
551228 A Logic Named Joe 
560104 The Roads Must Roll 
560111 Time and Time Again 
560125 The Parade 
560201 Cave of Night 
560208 C-Chute 
560215 Skulking Permit 
560222 Junkyard 
560229 Hello, Tomorrow 
560307 A Gun for Dinosaur 
560314 Tunnel Under the World 
560321 A Thousand Dollars 
560328 A Pail of Air 
560403 How 2 
560410 Star Bright 
560417 Jaywalker 
560424 The Sense of Wonder 
560501 Sea Legs 
560508 The Seventh Order 
560515 Hallucination Orbit 
560522 The Defenders 
560529 The Lulugameena 
560605 Project Mastadon 
560612 If You Was A Mocklin 
560619 Project Trojan 
560626 Wherever You May Be 
560703 Mr Costelo, Hero 
560710 Bad Medicine 
560717 The Old Die Rich 
560724 Stars are the Styx, 
560731 Student Body 
560807 The Last Martian 
560814 The Snowball Effect 
560828 Surface Tension 
560904 Tunnel Under The World 
560911 The Lifeboat Mutiny 
560926 The Map Makers 
561003 Protective Mimicry 
561010 Colony 
561017 Soldier Boy 
561024 Pictures Don't Lie 
561031 Sam, This Is You 
561107 Appointment in Tomorrow 
561114 The Martian Death March 
561121 Chain of Command 
561128 The Castaways 
561205 Perigi's Wonderful Dolls 
561205 There Will Come Soft Rains 
561212 Hostess 
561219 The Reluctant Heroes 
561226 Honeymoon in Hell 
570102 The Moon Is Green 
570109 A Saucer of Loneliness 
570116 The Girls from Earth 
570123 Open Warfare 
570130 Caretaker 
570206 Venus Is A Man's World 
570213 The Trap 
570220 Field Study 
570227 Real Gone 
570306 The Seventh Victim 
570313 Lights On Precipice 
570320 Protection 
570327 At the Post 
570403 Martian Sam 
570410 Something For Nothing 
570417 Discovery of Morneal Matheway 
570424 Man's Best Friend 
570620 Inside Story 
570627 The Category Inventor 
570704 Skulking Permit 
570711 Early Model 
570718 The Merchant of Venus 
570722 Drop Dead 
570725 The Haunted Corpse 
570801 End As A World 
570808 The Scapegoat 
570815 At the Post 
570829 Vopla 
570905 A Saucer of Loneliness 
570912 The Old Die Rich 
570919 Tsylana 
570926 The Native Problem 
571003 A Wind Is Rising 
571010 Death Wish 
571017 Point of Departure 
571024 The Light 
571031 Lulu 
571121 The Coffin Cure 
571128 Shock Troops 
5711XX The Haunted Corpse 
571219 Double Dare 
571221 Target One 
580102 Prime Difference 
580109 Grey Flannel Armor 
730127 The Iron Chancellor 
Unwilling Host 

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