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The Cisco Kid

Radio Show: The Cisco Kid

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1957 Emerald Of The Aztecs 
1957 Judge Colt's Law 
1957 Marshall Of Gold Field 
1957 Montana Guns 
1957 Morbid Jones And The Water Rights 
1957 Old Dinah In Death Valley 
1957 Opera In Albuquerque 
1957 Poker Chip Draw 
1957 Ring Of Fire 
1957 Senor Bull Frog 
1957 Swindle At Steamboat 
1957 The Angry Constable 
1957 The Butterfield Overland Mail 
1957 The Flagstaff Diamond 
1957 The Fresno Fire 
1957 The Hook Murders 
1957 The Johnson County Raid 
1957 The Phinnesse Boys 
1957 The Run On Oklahoma Lands 
1957 Westward To St Joe 
1957 When Killers Escape 
1957 Wild Horse Hunt 
1957 Battle Of Wagon Box Corral 
1957 Horse Race At Fort Sumter 
1958 Ghost Town Gazette 
521230 Ned Dobson's Neice 
530106 Pancho And The Parrot 
530108 Cisco Meets the Apache Kid 
530113 The Baron of the Badlands 
530115 Berserk 
530120 Iron Goes West 
530122 Run on the Bank 
530127 Billy Callico 
530129 According to the Law 
530210 Fight at the County 
530212 The Feud 
530224 Bullets and Ballets 
530226 Dishonor Among Thieves 
530310 The Gunman's Twin 
530312 The Son of Whitey King 
530317 Night Stage 
530319 Gunman for Hire 
530324 Flowers for Polly 
530326 Bank Robbery in Cactus Junction 
530331 Dynamite In Big Tressle 
530402 Apologetic Killer 
530407 Secret Mission 
530409 Fire in the Night 
530414 Disappearing Cabin 
530416 The Flume of Death 
530421 The Mummy of the Desert 
530423 Chained Lightning 
530428 The Tenderfoot 
530430 Wreck of Old 
530512 The Dude 
530514 Night Before the Fa 
530526 The Cattleman's War 
530528 Contraband 
530602 The Rustlers 
530604 The Golden Slugs of Rainbow Falls 
530609 The Trail of the Blood Red Sun 
530611 The Duel 
530618 Blazing Guns at Lone Bend 
530623 3-7-77 
530625 Devil Town 
530630 Dynamite in the Blue Chip Mine 
530702 Hoodoo Driver 
530707 Prophet of Boot Hill 
530709 The Golden Bullet 
530714 Gun War at Oak Pass 
530716 The Seven Devils 
530721 The $5,000 Reward 
530723 The Hondo Boys 
530820 The Key Of Death 
530910 Black Jack Larue 
530929 The Red-Headed Cowpoke 
531001 His Honer the Killer 
531006 Law of the Forty-Four 
531008 Planted Gold 
531013 The Red Demon 
531015 Masquerade 
531027 Frontier Justice 
531029 The Battle of the Border 
531103 The Double 
531105 To Uphold the Law 
531110 The Angry Uncles 
531112 The Blacksmith 
531124 Posse of Killers 
531126 Murder at Ten Below 
531208 Pattern of Crime 
531210 The Killer Stallion 
531215 The Coyote Pup 
531217 The Boxcar Bandits 
531222 Valley of Killers 
531224 Dude Bandit 
531229 Guns in the Rain 
531231 The Great Land Rush 
540112 Sniffer Smith 
540114 Riders in the Night 
540209 When Six Guns Speak 
540211 Golden Anvil 
540216 Lady Sheriff of Sandy Gulch 
540218 Jail Rush 
540302 Cross Examination 
540304 The Law at Rocky Creek 
540323 Shoot to Kill 
540325 Sheriff Phantom 
540330 Avalanche in Arrow Pass 
540401 The Return of the Laughing Bandit 
540406 Killers at Large 
540408 Waters of the Flood 
540413 The Braggart 
540415 To Stop A Killer 
540422 Showdown at Quicksand Bend 
540803 A Tactless Sheriff 
540805 Convict Valley 
540810 The British Come Home To Brimstone 
540812 Outlaw Trail 
540817 Tin Horn Killer 
540826 Gold of the Desert 
540907 Trial by Tomahawk 
540909 The Ace of Hearts 
540914 Murder at the Triple S 
540916 Who Lives by the Six-Gun 
540928 Rustlers on the Lazy 
540930 War on the Fort 
541005 Black Kerchief 
541007 Terror Town 
541228 The River of no Return 
541230 The Capture of Billy Voke 
550104 The Brand of the Maverick 
550106 The Rogue River Range War 
550111 Rodeo at Calico Corners 
550113 Murder Wagon 
550300 A Part For Sheriff Fanton 
550300 A Trap Of Many Teeth 
550300 Dynamite On The Right of Way 
550300 Pancho Escapes 
550300 The Dancing Master 
550300 The Divining Rod 
550300 The Gun Slinger 
550300 The Man Hunt 
550400 A Medal For Markmanship 
550400 Gold In The Conestoga 
550400 Stagecoach Race At Skeleton Bend 
550400 The Hot Headed Sheepherder 
550400 The Hour Of Terror 
580000 War In The Pecos Valley 
A Medal For Marksmanship 
Cisco Meets His Sister 
CK440512 - Early WOR Series. A Ghost for the 
CK520722 - Disappearing 
CK520724 - The Meanest Man in Arizona 
CK520729 - The Man Trapped in the Cave 
CK520731 - Necktie Party for Pancho 
CK520812 - A Shawl For The Senorita 
CK520814 - Roy Hartlett's Will 
CK520826 - The Outlaw Who Dropped His Wallet 
CK521104 - The Ransom of Janet Ramsay 
CK521106 - The Valley of Hunted Men 
CK521125 - Bank Robbery In Cactus 
CK521127 - Saga of Sundown Kelly 
CK521202 - Ghost Dance Of The Kiowas(speed off) 
CK521204 - Murder In The Gunsmith Shop 
CK521209 - Hold Up At Retribution Pass 
CK521220 - Ned Dobson's Niece 
CK530101 - Cisco Brings the Law 
CK530106 - Pancho And The Parrot 
CK530108 - Cisco Meets The Apache Kid 
CK530113 - The Baron of the Badlands 
CK530115 - Berserk 
CK530120 - Iron Goes West 
CK530122 - Run on the Bank 
CK530127 - Billy Callico 
CK530129 - According to the Law 
CK530210 - Fight at the County Seat 
CK530212 - The Feud 
CK530217 - The Wooing of Big Minnie 
CK530219 - Cashiered 
CK530224 - Bullets and Ballets 
CK530226 - Dishonor Among Thieves 
CK530307 - Secret Mission 
CK530310 - The Gunman's Twin 
CK530312 - The Son of Whitey King 
CK530317 - Night Stage 
CK530319 - Gunman for Hire 
CK530324 - Flowers for Polly 
CK530326 - Bank Robbery in Cactus Junction 
CK530331 - Dynamite in Big Tressle 
CK530402 - Apologetic Killer 
CK530407 - Secret Mission 
CK530409 - Fire in the Night 
CK530414 - Disappearing Cabin 
CK530416 - The Flume of Death 
CK530421 - The Mummy of the Desert 
CK530423 - Chained Lightning 
CK530428 - The Tenderfoot 
CK530430 - Wreck of Old 13 
CK530512 - The Dude 
CK530514 - Night Before the Fair 
CK530526 - The Cattleman's War 
CK530528 - Contraband 
CK530602 - The Rustlers 
CK530604 - The Golden Slugs of Rainbow Falls 
CK530609 - The Trail of the Blood Red Sun 
CK530611 - The Dual 
CK530616 - The Saga of Morbid Jones 
CK530618 - Blazing Guns at Love Bend 
CK530623 - 3-7-77 
CK530625 - Devil Town 
CK530630 - Dynamite in the Blue Chip Mine 
CK530702 - Hoodoo Driver 
CK530707 - Prophet of Boot Hill 
CK530709 - The Golden Bullet 
CK530714 - Gun War at Oak Pass 
CK530716 - The Seven Devils 
CK530721 - The $5,000 Reward 
CK530723 - The Hondo Boys 
CK530818 - The Mad Woman of Desolation House 
CK530820 - Key of Death 
CK530901 - Renegade 
CK530903 - Railroad Car 
CK530908 - Murder On The Treasure Trail 
CK530910 - Black Jack Larue 
CK530915 - Spanish Pistol 
CK530917 - Gunplay on the Riverfront 
CK530922 - The Gold Run 
CK530924 - The Brimstone Stampede 
CK530929 - The Red Headed Cowpoke 
CK531001 - His Honor the Killer 
CK531006 - Law of the Forty-Four 
CK531008 - Planted Gold 
CK531013 - The Red Demon 
CK531015 - Masquerade 
CK531020 - Buffalo Skinner 
CK531022 - The Test 
CK531027 - Frontier Justice 
CK531029 - Battle Of Border Island 
CK531103 - The Double 
CK531105 - To Uphold The Law 
CK531110 - Angry Uncles 
CK531112 - The Blacksmith 
CK531124 - Posse of Killers 
CK531126 - Murder at Ten Below 
CK531208 - Patterns Of Crime 
CK531210 - Gila Stallion 
CK531215 - The Cayote Pup 
CK531217 - The Boxcar Bandits 
CK531222 - Valley of Killers 
CK531224 - Dude Bandit 
CK531229 - Guns in the Rain 
CK531231 - The Great Land Rush 
CK540105 - Denver Dottie 
CK540112 - Sniffer Smith 
CK540114 - Riders In The Night 
CK540119 - Avalance and Morbid Jones 
CK540121 - Son of the Chief 
CK540126 - Claim Jumpers 
CK540128 - Beyond the Frontier 
CK540202 - Phantom Bandits 
CK540204 - Cisco Takes the Trail 
CK540209 - When Six Guns Speak 
CK540211 - Golden Anvil 
CK540216 - Lady Sheriff of Sandy Gulch 
CK540218 - Jail Rush 
CK540302 - Cross Examination 
CK540304 - The Law at Rocky Creek 
CK540309 - Blazing Guns On The Railroad (middle missing) 
CK540311 - Murder At The Bank 
CK540316 - Wagons Roll West 
CK540318 - Song Of Death 
CK540323 - Shoot to Kill 
CK540325 - Sheriff Phantom 
CK540330 - Avalanche in Arrow Pass 
CK540401 - The Return of the Laughing Bandit 
CK540406 - Killers at Large 
CK540408 - Waters of the Flood 
CK540413 - The Braggert 
CK540415 - To Stop a Killer 
CK540420 - Mistaken Identity 
CK540422 - Showdown at Quicksand Bend 
CK540504 - Thirst 
CK540520 - The Sheriff's Brother 
CK540525 - Magic of Death 
CK540527 - Death Rides the Chuck Wagon 
CK540601 - Longhorns On Stampede 
CK540603 - Showdown At Shadow Wells 
CK540608 - The Posse Sheriff 
CK540610 - Prairie Fire 
CK540701 - The Nelson Gang 
CK540720 - Jail Break 
CK540722 - The Renegades of Rawhide 
CK540803 - Tactless Sheriff 
CK540805 - Convict Valley 
CK540810 - The British Come Home to Brimstone 
CK540812 - Outlaw Trail 
CK540817 - Tin Horn Killer 
CK540819 - Vengence at Wind Rock 
CK540907 - Trial By Tomahawk 
CK540909 - Ace Of Hearts 
CK540914 - Murder at the Triple S 
CK540916 - Who Lives by the Six Gun 
CK540921 - Pearls of Destruction 
CK540923 - Gate of Death 
CK540928 - Rustler On The Lazy B 
CK540930 - War On The Fort 
CK541005 - The Black Kerchief 
CK541007 - Terror Town 
CK541026 - Murder at the Payroll Office 
CK541028 - Hold Up at Flag Point 
CK541102 - The Man with the Iron Hook 
CK541104 - Dynamite in the Gorge 
CK541109 - Stampede on the Chisolm Trail 
CK541111 - The Double Face of Danger 
CK541116 - Bandits Hideout 
CK541130 - The Tight Rope Walker 
CK541202 - The Gunman Outside 
CK541207 - Raiders of the Cimarron 
CK541209 - The Story of Catamount Cox 
CK541228 - River Of No Return 
CK541230 - Capture Of Bill Volke 
CK550104 - The Brand of the Maverick 
CK550106 - Rogue River Range War 
CK550111 - Rodeo At Calico Corners 
CK550113 - Murder Wagon 
CK550118 - Voice of the 44 
CK550120 - Heritage of Death 
CK550125 - Gold at Bitter Creek 
CK550127 - The Cattle Train 
CK550201 - Murder at Pine Creek 
CK550203 - The Midget of Broken Spur 
CK550210 - Gun War In The Mountains 
CK550301 - The Bad Men of Broken Bow 
CK550303 - The Manhunt 
CK550308 - Terror 
CK550310 - Murder at Red Clay Bend 
CK550315 - A Trap Of Many Teeth 
CK550317 - Dynamite on the Right of Way 
CK550322 - The Gunslinger 
CK550325 - A Party For Sheriff Fanton 
CK550329 - Divining Rod Of Michael O'Flaherty 
CK550331 - Pancho Escapes 
CK550405 - The Dancing Master 
CK550419 - Stagecoach Race At Skeleton Bend 
CK550421 - Gold In The Conestoga 
CK550426 - A Medal for Marksmanship 
CK550428 - Bandits of the Great Swamp 
CK550503 - The Mystery of Nine Mile Mesa 
CK550505 - Hot-headed Sheep Herder 
CK550510 - Murder of a Nestor, The 
CK550512 - Hour of Terror 
CK550726 - Hard Luck Hogan 
CK550818 - Dead Man's Gold 
CK550823 - Law of the Dead 
CK550825 - Lightning on the Draw 
CK550830 - Double Cross Gelia Bend 
CK550901 - Silk Hat Herbert 
CK550906 - Hermit of Tall Tree Mt 
CK550908 - Ventrilequist 
CK550913 - Lynch Mob 
CK550915 - Battle of Lost Mine 
CK550922 - Messenger of Doom 
CK551004 - Passport to Death 
CK551006 - Deputy Marshall 
CK551013 - Counterfiet Money 
CK551018 - Storm on the Lake 
CK560628 - Hard Luck Hogan [Rebroadcast] 
CK560703 - The Horse Thief 
CK560705 - Twin Guns of Death 
CK560710 - A Killer Quits 
CK560712 - Handsome Bandit 
CK560717 - Pueblo Justice 
CK570110 - The Giant Of Laredo 
CK570115 - The Lancers Of The Black Horse Brigade 
CK570124 - Senor Bull Frog 
CK570131 - Montana Guns 
CK570205 - Marshall Of Gold Fields 
CK570207 - Horse Race at Fort Sumner 
CK570212 - Ring Of Fire 
CK570214 - The Flagstaff Diamonds 
CK570219 - Poker Chip Draw 
CK570221 - Morbid Jones And The Water Rights 
CK570226 - Swindle At Steamboat Springs 
CK570305 - Fresno Fire 
CK570307 - The Phineas Boys 
CK570312 - Battle Of Wagon Box Corral 
CK570314 - Opera In Albuequerque 
CK570319 - Judge Colts Law 
CK570321 - Emerald Of The Aztecs 
CK570326 - Wild Horse Hunt 
CK570328 - When Killers Escape 
CK570402 - The Butterfield Overland Mail 
CK570404 - Westward To St Jo 
CK570409 - The Hook Murders 
CK570411 - The Angry Constable 
CK570416 - The Johnson County Raid 
CK570418 - The Run On Oklahoma Lands 
CK570423 - Old Dinah In Death Valley 
CK570808 - Nightriders Of Redrock 
CK570813 - Dynamite In The River 
CK570822 - Chinook [000] 
CK570827 - Convict's Revenge 
CK570919 - Rustlers Of The Shoshone 
CK570924 - Cisco Meets The Sundance Kid 
CK570926 - Morbid Jones And The Web Of Death 
CK571001 - Wheel Of Chance 
CK571003 - The Vengeance Of Laughing Lou 
CK571008 - Pancho And The Princess 
CK571231 - Flood At Humbug City 
CK580102 - Salmon River Rustlers 
CK580114 - Stampede In Texas 
CK580116 - Jingle Bob's Last Stand 
CK580121 - The Fighting Deputies 
CK580123 - The Old Shell Game 
CK580128 - The Law's A Fool 
CK580130 - The Son Of Rawhide Cargan 
CK580211 - Murder At North San Juan 
CK580213 - Porfirio And The Bearded Lady 
CK580304 - Dynamite at Rye Creek 
CK580306 - Robber Of The Rio Grande 
CK580311 - Caravan Of Danger 
CK580313 - The Burning Of The Jail 
CK580318 - Raiders Roundup 
CK580320 - Colorado River Desperadoes 
CK580325 - The Frightened Witness 
CK580327 - Dart Of Death 
CK580401 - Fight At Devil's Canyon 
CK580403 - Cashiel Raynor's Revenge 
CK580408 - Uncle Cipriano's Mule 
CK580410 - Lochinvar Jones 
CK580415 - Boomerang Vengeance 
CK580417 - Stage To Silver City 
CK580422 - The Scavengers 
CK580424 - Pancho's Return 
CK580429 - Double Frame-up 
CK580501 - Link Colby's Mine 
CK580506 - Point Of Honor 
CK580508 - The Little Train Robbery 
CK580513 - Larrupin' Lil 
CK580515 - The Outlaw Brand 
CK580527 - Intrigue In Ensenada 
CK580529 - Pot O' Gold 
CK580603 - Bullets At The Bridge 
CK580605 - Sir Cisco, Knight Of The Round Table 
CK580617 - The Tunnel 
CK580619 - Bandits Of Tucuman 
CK580622 - War In The Pecos Valley 
CK580624 - Ghost Town Gazette 
CK580720 - The Dynamiting Of The Bridge 
CK580814 - Killer In The Jailhouse 
CK580819 - Mistaken Identity 
CK580821 - Mesa Of The Hidden Bandits 
CK580828 - The Sheriff's 44's 
CK580902 - Holdup At The Pass 
CK580918 - Headless Valley 
CK580923 - The Vandals 
CK590825 - Rescue Of Rusty Silversmith 
CK59xxxx - Builders Of The Road 
CK59xxxx - House Of Gold 
CK59xxxx - Sombero Mine Disaster 
CK59xxxx - The Emperor Of Santa Fe 
CK59xxxx - The Fighting Lumberjack 
CK59xxxx - The Lady Blacksmith 
CK59xxxx - The Two Sheriffs Of Mesa 
CK5xxxxx - Charley Page's Crusade 
CK5xxxxx - Indian Ambush 
CK5xxxxx - Manhunt For A Killer 
CK5xxxxx - Marshall Riker's Revenge 
CK5xxxxx - Robbery On The Railroad 
CK5xxxxx - The Masquerading Of Denver Dan 
CK5xxxxx - The Night Of The Fire 
CK5xxxxx - The Schoolmarm 
CK5xxxxx - The Ship In The Desert 
CK5xxxxx - Vanishing Gold 
CKxxxxxx - Border Justice 
CKxxxxxx - Border Vengeance 
CKxxxxxx - Cisco Meets His Sister 
CKxxxxxx - Corky Bernards Mine 
CKxxxxxx - Cup Of Justice 
CKxxxxxx - Death Gun 
CKxxxxxx - Derringer Dry Gulch 
CKxxxxxx - Hoof Pick Killer 
CKxxxxxx - Lincoln County Raid 
CKxxxxxx - Marshall Lassiters Son 
CKxxxxxx - Merchant Of Death 
CKxxxxxx - Much Ado About Mavericks 
CKxxxxxx - Rescue In Matamoros 
CKxxxxxx - San Fernando Fire 
CKxxxxxx - Scorp Judsons Revenge 
CKxxxxxx - Silverton Swindle 
CKxxxxxx - Six Gun Law 
CKxxxxxx - Slash R-B Mystery 
CKxxxxxx - The Overland Stage 
CKxxxxxx - The Ringcon 
CKxxxxxx - Trail To Wyoming 
CKxxxxxx - Twin Desperados 
CKxxxxxx - Two Faces Of Death 
CKxxxxxx - Uncle Noahs Ark 
CKxxxxxx - Valley Of Intrigue 
Cup Of Justice 
Cup Of Justice 
Merchant Of Death 
Merchant Of Death 
Much Ado About Mavericks 
Much Ado About Mavericks 
Night Before The Fair 
Partial Showrustlers 
Partial Showrustlers On Lazy D 
Rescue Of Rusty Silversmith 
Rescue Of Rusty Silversmith 
San Fernando Fire 
San Fernando Fire 
Scorp Judsons Revenge 
Scorp Judsons Revenge 
Showdown At Showlow 
Showdown At Showlow 
Silverton Swindle 
Silverton Swindle 
Six Gun Law 
Six Gun Law 
Slash Rb Mystery 
Slash RB Mystery 
The Overland Stage 
The Overland Stage 
The Rincon 
The Ringcon 
The Ringcon 
Trail To Wyoming 
Trail To Wyoming 
Twin Desperados 
Twin Desperados 
Two Faces Of Death 
Two Faces Of Death 
Uncle Noah's Ark 
Uncle Noah's Ark 
Valley Of Intrigue 
Valley Of Intrigue 

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