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Duffy's Tavern

Radio Show: Duffy's Tavern

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400411 Duffys Tavern 
400729 Audition Audition Sh 
430601 Clifton Fadiman 
431207 Bing Crosby 
431214 Dinah Shore Joan Dav 
440302 Duffyメs Tavern 
440307 Guest Col Stoopnagle 
440502 Guest- Dennis Day 
440509 Guest- Adolph Menjou 
451015 Guest- Charles Cober 
451228 Audit Trouble 
460104 Balancing The Books 
460111 Making A Movie Guest 
460201 Guest Peggy Lee 
460503 Archie Takes Up Read 
461218 The Raffle 
470122 John H Anthony&Miner 
470508 Bert Gordon Coming O 
470518 Coming Out Party 
470518 Miss Duffy's Coming 
471105 Rudy Vallee 
481222 Christmas Show With 
481223 Archie Is In Bad Spi 
481223 Archie Meets Jesus 
481229 Christmas Cards 
481229 Dorothy Shaye 
490209 Archie Has Three Day 
490216 Schoolmate Visits 
490223 Patent On Electricit 
490302 Guestmickey Rooney 
490302 With Marlene Dietric 
490309 Television Play 
490316 The Bully With Sheld 
490323 Archie's Bank Accoun 
490406 Archie And Finnegan 
490413 No More I O U's At T 
490420 Guestcass Daley 
490427 Someone's Getting Hi 
490504 Charles Coburn Card 
490504 Playing Poker With C 
490511 Chester Morris Whist 
490511 Detective Archie 
490518 Most Popular Bartend 
490525 Ed Wynn Archie Write 
490525 Opera With Ed Wynn 
490601 Archie Wants To Marr 
490615 Guestbob Crosby 
500907 Archie Buys Surplus 
500907 Army Surplus Helicop 
500921 Guestbarry Nelson 
510112 A Lady Visits The Dr 
510112 Woman From The Draft 
510119 Literary Society 
510121 Archie Runs For Poli 
510126 Actors Club At The T 
510126 Guestjoan Bennett 
510202 A Visit From The Dra 
510202 Archie Runs For Offi 
510209 A Literary Society M 
510209 Shelly Winters Arch 
510216 Archie Goes To The O 
510216 Archie The Hypnotist 
510223 Job Opening 
510223 Job Opening2 
510302 1670 Diary Of P. Stu 
510302 Archie The Hypnotist 
510302 Deems Taylor Archie 
510309 Archie The Hypnotist 
510309 Archie Writes An Ope 
510316 Fashion Lecture With 
510316 Maxie Rosenbloom Arc 
510323 Archie Writes A Fash 
510323 Culture Comes To Duf 
510323 The Tavern Loses Its 
510407 Archie's Books Don't 
510420 Archie Wants To Be A 
510427 Accountant Looks Ove 
510504 It's Latin Night At 
511005 Party For Columnist 
511005 Party For Columnists 
511102 Spanish Floor Show 
511102 Spanish Floor Show 
511109 Cultural Singing Con 
511109 Cultural Singing Con 
511123 Archie Opens A Tearo 
511130 Archie Inherits Half 
511207 A Baby Is Left At Th 
511214 Archie's Old Teacher 
511221 Archie To But A Spli 
511228 Hawaiian Vacation Sl 
511228 Hawaiian Vacation Sl 
Archie's Nephew 
Boris Karlof Acts In A Play 
Duffy's Tavernforecast 
Duffy's Tavernguest Rex Har 
Duffy's Tavernsinging Dog 
Duffys Tavernthe 100000 Wed 
Eddie Quits 
Eddie Quits2 
Exclusive Actors Club 
Guest Joan Bennett 
Guest Peggy Lee 
Guest Shelly Winters 

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