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Tales Of The Texas Rangers

Radio Show: Tales Of The Texas Rangers

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500413 Just a Number 
500708 Just a Number 
500715 White Elephant 
500722 Apache Peak 
500729 The Trigger Man 
500805 Quicksilver 
500812 The Broken Spur 
500819 Fool's Gold 
500826 The Open Range 
500902 Play For Keys 
500909 Dead Or Alive 
500916 Candy Man 
500923 Open And Shut 
500930 Cleanup 
501008 Living Death 
501015 Dead Giveaway 
501029 Soft Touch 
501105 The White Suit 
501112 Blood Relative 
501126 Hanging By A Thread 
501203 Room 114 
501210 The Lucky Dollar 
501217 The Cactus Pear 
501224 Christmas Present 
501231 The Devil's Share 
510107 Deadhead Freight 
510114 Death In The Cards 
510121 Blood Harvest 
510204 Logger's Larceny 
510211 The Hatchet 
510218 Sweet Revenge 
510225 The Trap 
510311 Blind Justice 
510318 Death by Adoption 
510325 Breakdown 
510401 Pressure 
510408 Bad Blood 
510415 Conspiracy 
510422 Canned Death 
510506 No Living Witnesses 
510513 Paid In Full 
510520 Square Dance 
510527 Joyride 
510930 Death Shaft 
511007 Wheel Chair Killing 
511014 Play For Keys 
511021 Fugitive Trail 
511028 White Elephant 
511104 The Helping Hand 
511111 Open And Shut 
511118 Wild Crop 
511125 The Blow Off 
511202 The Dead Giveaway 
511209 Death Plant 
511216 Pick Up 
511223 Christmas Payoff 
511230 Killer's Crop 
520106 Birds of a Feather 
520113 Clip Job 
520120 Blood Trail 
520127 Night Chase 
520203 The Rub Out 
520210 Hitchhiker 
520210 The Hitch Hiker 
520217 Cold Blood 
520302 The Ice Man 
520309 Dream Farm 
520316 Prelude to Felony 
520330 Night_Hawk 
520406 Troop Train 
520413 Uncertain Death 
520420 Illusion 
520427 Address Unknown 
520511 Unleashed_Fury 
520518 Smart Kill 
520525 Jailbird 
520608 Illegal Entry 
520615 Travesty 
520615 Travesty2 
520622 Knockout 
520629 Ex-Con 
520706 The_Boomerang 
520713 Finger_Man 
520720 Round Trip 
520727 Stickup 
520803 Double Edge 
520810 Last_Stop 
520817 Cover-Up 
520824 Three Victims 
520831 Misplaced Person 
520907 Alibi 
520914 Drive-In 

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