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First Nighter Program

Radio Show: First Nighter Program

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1STN390428 - Three Who Face Death 
1STN391013 - A Symphony With Your Spaghetti 
1STN410325 - Love and Gazooza 
1STN440329 - Chinese Gong 
1STN440503 - Mother's Angel Children 
1STN440524 - Speak Ever So Gently 
1STN440531 - Give up the Ship 
1STN440607 - Susan Stepped Out 
1STN440614 - Just a Bum [Repeat] 
1STN440719 - The Heart That Has Truly Loved 
1STN441004 - A Song for Sylvia - Barbara Luddy [AFRS] 
1STN441011 - Oh Say Can You See [ Repeat] 
1STN451224 - Oh Little Town of Bethlehem 
1STN471018 - Wolf in Sheep's Skin 
1STN471025 - Nonnanny 
1STN471223 - Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem 
1STN480101 - The One in the Middle 
1STN480108 - Help Wanted, Female 
1STN480122 - The Mind Reader 
1STN480129 - A Writer in the Family 
1STN480205 - Drink for the Damned 
1STN480212 - Love is Stranger Than Fiction 
1STN480219 - Oh, Bury Me Not 
1STN480304 - An Order by the Leutenant 
1STN480311 - There's Something in the Air 
1STN480506 - The Tin Box 
1STN480527 - A Good Joe 
1STN480617 - Old Lady Shakespere 
1STN481223 - Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem 
1STN490310 - No Greater Need 
1STN520720 - Speak Ever So Gently 
1STN521223 - Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem 
1STN530106 - A Good Joe 
1STN530901 - Honest Dope 
410325 Love And Gazooza 
440329 Chinese Gong 
451222 Little Town of Bethlehem 
471018 Wolf With Sheepskin 
471025 No Nanny 
480101 The One In The Middle 
480108 Help Wanted Female 
480122 The Mind Reader 
480129 A Writer In The Family 
480205 Drink For The Damned 
480212 Love Is Stranger Than Fiction 
480219 Oh Bury Me Not 
480304 An Order By The Lt 
480311 Something In The Air 
480506 The Tin Box 
480617 Old Lady Shakespeare 
481224 Oh Little Town of Bethlehem 
490310 No Greater Need 
520720 Speak Ever So Gently 
521223 Oh, Little Town of Bethleham 
530106 A Good Joe 
530901 Honest Dope 

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