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Fred Allen Show

Radio Show: Fred Allen Show

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391011 Satire On Surveys And Polls 
400327 Guest T Hee - Reaction to eagle escape 
400508 Jack Boyle - Hillbilly Court 
401115 Oscar Levant 
40xxxx Superman Special 
410305 Little Red Riding Hood 
410312 Philanda Blank 
430103 Long Pan Versus Mr. Moto 
430131 Guest Oscar Levant 
430228 Guest Phil Baker 
430307 Guest Judy Canova 
430321 With Richard Haydn 
430404 Looking For Umbriago 
430425 With Bela Lugosi 
430516 Chile 
430516 Frank Sinatra 
430523 Fred's Biography 
431212 Getting A Radio Job 
440102 Hillbilly Band 
440109 Hit On The Head 
440109 With Ed' Archie' Gardner 
440213 With Louella Parsons 
440319 The Life Of Ted Lewis 
440326 Buying Liquor 
440402 Radio Vs TV 
440409 Fetlock Bones 
440423 Oscar Levant (AFRS40) 
440528 Portland Hoffa's Birth 
440611 South Dakota 
451007 Auditions 
451021 Hillbilly 
451028 Charlie McCarthy Sues Fred For Slander 
451028 Court Case with Edgar Bergan 
451104 Mash Notes 
451111 Mob Buster 
451125 Leo Durocher - Brooklyn Pinafore 
460106 Take It Or Leave It (Guest Phil Baker) 
460120 A Movie On Fred's Life 
460203 Picadilly 
460224 Hillbilly Drama 
460411 Guest Basil Rathbone 
460428 Racing Form Trial 
460512 The Fat Man 
460526 King For A Day 
461027 Breakfast Show 
470316 Picadilly 
470323 Sued By Rodgers And Hammerstein 
470525 Rudy Vallee And His Megaphone 
470615 Renting The Room 
471019 The Perfect Crime - Guest James Mason 
471026 Jack Haley - Selling Life Stories 
471214 New Year's Eve Plans 
471228 Returning A Cuckoo Clock 
480104 Psychopathic Spectacular 
480328 Husband & Wife Radio Show 
480411 One Long Pan Skit 
480418 The Author Meets His Match (guest James Farley) 
480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets 
480502 JP Morgan Court Of Human Relations 
480509 Break The Contestant (guest Don McNeil) 
480523 Fred Wants To Do Bing's Life Story 
480606 Jack Eigan What's Wrong 
480627 Stop The Music 
481024 Dale Carnegie Breakfast 
481107 Sam Shovel Private Eye 
481128 Fred Tries To Get Into The Roxy Theater 
481205 TV Commercials 
490109 Book Revue 
490130 Howdy Doody 
490206 Planning A TV Show 
490424 One Long Pan 
490501 Jamaica Race Track 
490522 Babysitting 
490626 Final Show 
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