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Milton Berle

Radio Show: Milton Berle

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460722 - The Kiss and Make-Up Court of Petty Grievances 
461128 - Thanksgiving Day Show 
470805 The Great Outdoors 
470812 Summer Sports 
470819 Relaxation 
470826 Railroads 
470902 South America 
470909 American Farmers 
470916 Salute to Radio 
470923 Automobile Industry 
470930 Salute to Brooklyn 
471007 The Old West 
471014 New York Theater 
471021 Good Health 
471028 U S Navy 
471104 Salute to Football 
471111 Washington, DC 
471118 Opera 
471125 Thanksgiving 
471202 Public Servants - Unsung Heroes 
471209 Prize Fighting 
471216 The Department Store 
471223 Christmas 
471230 New Year 
480106 Winter Sports 
480120 Wall Street and High 
480127 - Salutes New York 
480203 - Salutes Gambling 
480210 California 
480217 Communications Indus 
480224 Woman's Rights 
480302 Literature 
480309 Income Taxes 
480316 Politics 
480323 Coming of Spring 
480330 Horse Racing 
480406 - Salutes Motoring 
480413 Health (Last Show) 
480922 - Salute to Education 
481229 - Salutes New Year 
490112 - Salute to Winter Sports 
490420 - Salute to Baseball 
531013 - The Buick Berle Show with V Damone, J Cooper, Dagmar 
560912 - Recollections at Thirty 
xxxxxx - Library - Fragment 

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