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Barry Craig

Radio Show: Barry Craig

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501219 Remo Tourch - no ending 
510507 Case Of The Philanthropist 
511017 The Judge and the Champ 
511024 Case of the Protection Racket 
511031 Case of the Corpse on Delivery 
511031 The Bail Jumper 
511107 Case of the Borrowed Knife 
511114 Dead on Arrival 
511121 Murder in Wax 
511205 Paper Bullet 
520213 Cupie Doll 
520220 The Motive For Murder 
521015 Dead Loss 
5303xx The Impostor 
530503 Walking The Dog 
531003 Alias Clark Smith 
540406 Johnny Phenox 
540713 Murder by Error 
540817 MidSummer Lunacy 
540824 Blood Money 
540831 Hay Is For Homicide 
540907 Ghosts Don't Die In Bed 
541121 Moe and Larry 
541219 Bull Fiddle 
550209 Missing Hotel Room 
550309 Corpse On The Town 
BC501219 - Remo Tourch 
BC511010 - Case of the Gossip Columnist 
BC511017 - The Judge And The Champ 
BC511024 - Case of the Protection Racket 
BC511031 - The Bail Jumper 
BC511107 - Case of the Borrowed Knife 
BC511114 - Dead on Arrival 
BC511121 - Murder in Wax 
BC511128 - Case of the Naughty Necklace 
BC511205 - Paper Bullet 
BC511212 - Death and the Purple Cow 
BC511226 - Blond In The River - AKA Song Of Death - Ending Cut 
BC520102 - Twenty Dollar Case - Aka - Death of a PI - No Intro 
BC520109 - Murder Island 
BC520116 - Muriel's Murder Case 
BC520123 - Boxer Doyles Belt 
BC520130 - The Puppet - No Intro or Close 
BC520206 - Claw Killer of Seneca - No Intro or Close 
BC520213 - Cupie Doll 
BC520220 - The Motive For Murder 
BC520507 - Case Of The Philanthropist Bride 
BC520708 - The Long Wa 
BC520709 - The Long Way Home 
BC521008 - Julius and Cleo - No Intro or Close 
BC521015 - Dead Loss 
BC521221 - Song of Death 
BC530104 - Crimson Queen - No Intro or Close 
BC530215 - The Redhead - No Intro or Close 
BC530301 - Behold a 
BC5303xx - The Impostor 
BC530503 - Walking The Dog 
BC530614 - Case of Lost Lila Thorne - No Intro or Close 
BC530719 - Scream For Murder 
BC530809 - The Thirteenth Guest - No Intro or Close 
BC530922 - The Late Sam Jenkins - No Intro or Close 
BC531005 - Alais Clark Smith 
BC531103 - The Five Fire Mystery 
BC540119 - Strange Vision 
BC540202 - Weekend At Stowe 
BC540330 - Echo Corners 
BC540406 - Johnny Phenox 
BC540511 - Search For Mrs Peterson 
BC540706 - The Tough Guy 
BC540713 - Murder by Error 
BC540727 - Gone Fishing 
BC540803 - Hay Is For Homicide 
BC540810 - Death's Bargain Basement 
BC540817 - Mid-Summer Lunacy 
BC540824 - Blood Money 
BC540831 - Hay Is for Homicide 
BC540907 - Ghosts Don't Die In Bed 
BC541107 - Case of The Barbershop 
BC541121 - Moe and Larry [No Intro] 
BC541205 - Prize Winning Manuscript 
BC541219 - Bull Fiddle 
BC550105 - Rich Richie 
BC550209 - Missing Hotel Room 
BC550216 - The Moving Target 
BC550302 - Barberi Collection 
BC550309 - Corpse On The Town 
BC550330 - The Mummy's Sister 
BC550505 - Confession of Murder 
BC550512 - The Unsolvable Murder 
BC550609 - The Big Fix 
BC550623 - Tennis Anyone 
BCxxxxxx - Pearl Necklace 
BCxxxxxx - The Twenty Dollar Case [No intro] 
Death Buys A Broom 
For Love of Murder 
The Tough Guy 

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