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The Chase

Radio Show: The Chase

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01 Tales 
02 Harry Troll's Diamond 
03 Countess Treanna 
04 Elliott Preston is Frame 
05 Newspaper Reporter After 
06 Easy Riches, Sudden Death 
07 Hardluck Ethel 
08 Terminate Professor Kolchek 
09 Bald Artie Bender 
10 Stephan, Monica and One Million Dollars 
11 Doug Burton and a Mystery 
12 Joey 
13 The Apprentice 
14 The Painting 
15 The Amusement Park 
16 The Promotion 
17 The Chinese Buddha 
18 Twenty Million Dollar Bum 
19 Flight from Istanbul 
20 The Cat's Meow 
21 Man Hunt 
22 Iron Curtain Express 
23 Long Distance 
24 Career Girl 
25 My Love is a Ghost 
26 Blackout 
27 The Most Dangerous Game 
28 Dangerous Journey 
29 The Murder 
31 No Contact 
32 The Fortune Hunter 
33 Professor Calvin and the Voice 
34 Killer at Large 
35 The Creeper 
36 Corpus Delicti 
37 Pennypinching Boarding House Owners 
38 The Will 
39 The Jailbreak 
40 A Frame For Murder 
41 Special Delivery 
42 The Lady is a Corpse 
43 Cathy Sutter Meets James 
44 Murderers' Row 
45 Johnny and Ellen, Killer 
46 King Danno 
47 The Leading Man Talent Search 
48 Circumstantial Evidence 
49 The Hold-Up 
50 Tiger Lily 
51 Lucifer 
52 Million Dollar Hunt 
53 Playboy 
530208 Money & The Crockey's 
530222 Sunken Nazi Treasure 
54 The Monster 
55 Harry and the Talking Horse 

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