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Danger, Dr. Danfield

Radio Show: Danger, Dr. Danfield

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460818 The Professor Trixi 
460825 Manuel Abello 
460901 Murder of Cora Roger 
460908 Norman Miles 
460915 Victor Geralo 
460922 The Case of the Darkened Face 
460929 Harriet Miller 
461006 Red Jacoby Escapes From Jail 
461013 Harry Evans 
461020 Death Paints a Picture 
461027 Edgar Allen Poe Manu 
461103 Bald Eagle Lodge 
461110 Hazel Humphrey and The Count 
461117 Neal Norton 
461124 The Whirling Mirror 
461201 Snowbound 
461208 100,000 Life Insurance 
461215 Who Will Live Longer 
461222 Bird in a Gilded Cage 
461229 Money in a Basket 
470105 Mad Men Strike Swift 
470112 Death Tunes in at 79 
470119 Mental Hospital 
470126 Tunnel Smelled of Death 
470202 Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be A Star 
470209 The Ghost of Murdock 
DDD460818 - The Professor 
DDD460825 - Manuel Abello 
DDD460901 - Murder of Cora Rogers 
DDD460908 - Norman Miles 
DDD460915 - Victor Geralo 
DDD460922 - Darkened Face 
DDD460929 - Harriet Miller 
DDD461006 - Red Jacoby 
DDD461013 - Henry Comes Home 
DDD461020 - Death Paints a Picture 
DDD461027 - Edgar Allen Poe Manuscript 
DDD461103 - Legend Of The Windigo 
DDD461110 - Hazel Humphrey and the Count 
DDD461117 - Neal Norton 
DDD461124 - Whirling Mirrors - No Intro 
DDD461201 - Snowbound 
DDD461208 - $100,000 Life Insurance Claim 
DDD461215 - Who Will Live Longer 
DDD461222 - Bird in a Gilded Cage 
DDD461229 - Money In A Basket 
DDD470105 - Madmen Strike Swiftly 
DDD470112 - Death Tunes In At 790 Kilocycles 
DDD470119 - Mental Hospital 
DDD470126 - Tunnel Smelled of Death 
DDD470202 - Little Meteorite Who Wanted To Be A Star 
DDD470209 - Ghost Of Murdock's Swamp 

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