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Baby Snooks

Radio Show: Baby Snooks

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380609 At The Doctors 
390122 Daddy's An Elk 
390511 Barking Rabbit 
390518 Golf Tea 
390518 Golf Tea 
390525 Hugh What 
390601 Gone Fishing 
390608 Violet Ray 
39xxxxx The Man Who Came To Dinner 
400104 Bungling Burglars 
400118 Chemical Catastrophe 
400201 Family Tree 
400215 Tax Returns 
400222 Missing Dollar 
400229 Wedding Cake 
400314 Tom Thumb 
400328 Baby Brother 
400411 Baby Fish Story 
400418 Sketch Magic 
400711 At The Beach 
400718 Library Visit 
400725 Port Hole Safe 
400905 Magazine Scam 
40091 New Car 
401010 Football Game 
401031 Ruined Suit 
401121 Four Fathers 
401128 Sketch Stolen Turkey 
420519 Daddy Makes Sugar From Lemons 
420519 With Frank Morgan 
431104 Go To Court 
440614 The World's Most Patient Father 
450513 Live Show At The Bijou 
451216 Baby Snooks Is Lost 
460619 The Cat Man's Revenge 
460906 Snooks Stays at Home 
461101 Halloween 
501112 Snooks And Tallulah 
510320_Daddy Needs A Loan For Easter Clothes 
510501 Report Card Blues 
510501 Report Card Blues 
510508 Daddy's Old Flame 
Abnormal Psychology 42-05-28 
Anatomy of a Robot 
April Fools 
At the Beach 
Baby Snooks Visits The Bumsteads 
Bungling Burglars 
Chemical Catastrophe 
Daddy's An Elk 
Daddy's Boss Comes to Dinner 
Daddy's Old Flame 
Easter Bonnet 
Excerpts 1 
Excerpts 2 
Family Tree 
Football Game 
Hanging Wallpaper 
Haunted House 
Here's To the Vets 
Here's To the Vets 
Hugh What 
Lady Detective 
Laying An Egg 
Library Visit 
Living By Dyeing 
Magazine Scam 
Magazine Scam 
Male Secretary 
Playing Hooky 
Port Hole Safe 
Raising a Loan 
Redecorating The House 
Ruined Suit 
Shetland Pony 
Snooks and Tallulah 50-11-12 
Snooks Has Amnesia 
Tax Returns 
The Cat Man's Revenge 46-06-19 
The Opera 
The World's Most Patient Father 
To Bee or Not to Bee 
Tom Thumb 
Tonsils Operation 
Ugly Duckling 
Wedding Cake 
Where's My Change 
Where's My Change 
Where's the Medicine 
Why Because with Judy Garland 
Wizard of Oz 

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