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Night Beat

Radio Show: Night Beat

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490915 +AC0- The Ted Carter Murder Case 
500113 +AC0- The Elevator Caper 
500206 +AC0- Zero 
500213 +AC0- The Night Is A Weapon 
500220 +AC0- A World All Of His Own 
500227 +AC0- The Girl In The Park 
500306 +AC0- Number 13 
500313 +AC0- Am I My Brother's Keeper 
500320 +AC0- The Man Who Claimed To Be Dead 
500327 +AC0- Flowers On The Water 
500403 +AC0- Title Unknown 
500410 +AC0- I Know Your Secret 
500417 +AC0- Tong War 
500423 +AC0- Girl In The Park 
500430 +AC0- Am I My Brother's Keeper 
500501 +AC0- Mentallo, The Mental Marvel 
500508 +AC0- Elevator Caper 
500515 +AC0- The Night Watchman 
500522 +AC0- I Wish You Were Dead 
500529 +IBM- Harlan Matthews Stamp Dealer 
500605 +AC0- The Girl From Kansas 
500612 +AC0- Football Player and The Syndicate 
500619 +AC0- Vincent And The Painter 
500626 +AC0- The Juvenile Gangster 
500703 +AC0- Marty 
500710 +AC0- Twill Be The Death of Me 
500717 +AC0- Molly Keller 
500724 +AC0- The Devil's Bible 
500731 +AC0- City At Your Fingertips 
500807 +AC0- Old Blind Pop 
500814 +AC0- Gunner's Last Fight 
500821 +AC0- Doctor's Secret 
500904 +AC0- Old Home Week 
500911 +AC0- The Hunter Becomes The Hunted 
500918 +AC0- Wanna Buy A Story 
500925 +AC0- A Case of Butter 
501006 +AC0- The Kenny Day Amnesia Case 
501013 +AC0- Inar Pierce And Family 
501020 +AC0- Judge Arnold's Daughter 
501027 +AC0- The Doctor's Daughter 
501103 +AC0- The Black Cat 
501110 +AC0- The Slasher 
510304 +AC0- Big John McMasters 
510518 +AC0- Juke Box Romance 
510525 +AC0- Fear 
510601 +AC0- Will Of Mr. Orloff 
510608 +AC0- The Search For Fred 
510615 +AC0- The Music Man 
510622 +IBM- Sanctuary 
510629 +AC0- Byline For Frank 
510706 +AC0- Bill Perrin Amnesia Case 
510713 +AC0- Anton's Return 
510720 +AC0- The Elevator Caper 
510817 +AC0- They 
511026 +AC0- Mr. And Mrs. Corothers 
511228 +AC0- Expectant Father 
520501 +AC0- Pay Up Or Die 
520508 +AC0- Long Live The Clown 
520515 +AC0- Death Of Riley 
520522 +AC0- Target For A Week 
520529 +AC0- The Jockey Brothers 
520605 +AC0- Marvelous Machine 
520619 +AC0- Railroaded 
520626 +IBM- Reformer 
520703 +AC0- The Old Itch 
520717 +AC0- Taste Of Peaches 
520731 +AC0- Flight From Fear 
520807 +AC0- Somebody Stop Anne 
520814 +AC0- His Name Was Luke 
520821 +AC0- The Man With The Red Hair 
520904 +AC0- Ellen (Bomb on the Plane) 
520911 +AC0- Larry The Understudy 
520918 +AC0- Policy Wheel Racket 
520925 +AC0- The Big Killings 
521228 +IBM- Title Unkknown 
XXXXXX +AC0- A Hot Night In June 
XXXXXX +AC0- A Kid With Trouble 
XXXXXX +AC0- Hines Hospital 
XXXXXX +AC0- John Smith 
XXXXXX +AC0- Johnny Ligget's Wife Pauline 
XXXXXX +AC0- Judy Levering Is Missing 
XXXXXX +AC0- Mommy, Mommy 
XXXXXX +AC0- Murder Of A Dream 
XXXXXX +AC0- Old Baldy 
XXXXXX +AC0- Stone's Love Affair 
XXXXXX +AC0- The Swimmer 

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