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Pat Novak

Radio Show: Pat Novak

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461124 Dixie Gilian 
470803 Gambling Ring 
470810 Bookie Outfit 
471123 The Linda Reynold's Case 
471130 Death In Harold Square 
490220 Jack Of Clubs 
490227 Marcia Halpern 
490306 Pat Novak 
490313 Rubin Callaway's Pictures 
490320 Rory Malone 
490327 Joe Candono 
490402 Father Lahey - Escape From Prison 
490409 Sam Tolliver 
490416 Go Away Dixie Gillian 
490423 Rita Malloy 
490430 Wendy Morris 
490507 Pink Laundry 
490514 Geranium Plant 
490521 Hit and Run 
490604 The Agnes Bolton Case 
490611 George Lampson 
490618 Joe Denine Story 
490625 Little Jake Siegel 

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