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Bergen & McCarthy

Radio Show: Bergen & McCarthy

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122654 Hopalong Cassidy 
370509 Ann Harding 
370905 Ida Lupino 
371212 Adam Eve With Mae West 
381030 Charlie Mccarthy Show 
410921 WC Fields 
420503 Judy Garland 
430530 Guest Walter Pidgeon 
431104 Elsa Maxwell 
43XXXX Guest Humphrey Bogart 
441029 Halloween 
441105 World of Tomorrow 
441210 Charlie Answers Ad For Edgar 
441224 Night Before Christmas 
450107 Charlie McCarthy Show 
450520 Running Away With Janet Blair 
450903 Fred Allen Portland Hoffa 
450909 Keenan Wynn 
450923 Ann Baxter 
4509XX Joan Blondell 
451014 Hildegarde 
451021 Charlie Mccarthy Show 
451111 Gov Kerr of Oklahoma 
451118 Margaret O'Brien 
451216 Trip To The Planetarium 
460217 Memories With Ray Milland 
461117 Charlie Mccarthy Show 
470914 Michael Romanoff 
470921 Walt Disney 
470928 Betty Hutton 
471005 Don Ameche 
471012 Linda Darnell 
471019 Jane Wyman 
471026 Richard Widmark 
471102 Fred Allen 
471109 Maurice Evans 
471116 Lana Turner 
471123 Carmen Miranda 
471130 Edward Everett Horton 
471207 Roy Rogers 
471214 Gregory Peck 
491113 Dick Powell 
491218 Guest June Allyson 
541226 Hopalong Cassidy 
551127 Jack Benny 
661113 NBC Radio 40th Anniversary 
Bergen Gets Amnesia 
Charlie Plans His Own Birthday Party 
Edgar Bergen 
Edgar Bergen - Charlie McCarthy 
Fred Allen With Bergen & McCarthy 
Guest Albert E. Wiggem 
Guest Charles Boyer 
Guest Edward Everett Horton 
Guest Gary Cooper 
Guest Rita Hayworth 
Guest Rudy Valee 
Hedy Loves Mortimer 
Last Chase & Sanborn Show 
Marilyn Monroe 
Walter Brennan 

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