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Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

Radio Show: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar

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48.12.07 Milford Brooks Iii 
49.01.07 (Aud) 
49.01.14 Robert W. Perry Case 
49.02.11 The Parikoff Policy 
49.03.03 The Robert Perry Case 
49.03.11 Murder Is A Merry 
49.04.01 Stolen Portrait 
49.04.15 The Case Of The $1 
49.04.22 The Case Of Barton 
49.07.24 Taxi Disappearance 
49.08.07 Case Of Bonnie Goodwin 
49.08.21 Out of fire in to the frying pan 
49.09.04 Expiring nickels 
49.09.25 The Search For Michelle Marsh 
49.10.01 The Fishing Boat 
49.10.08 The Racehorse Pile 
49.10.15 Drottosh mendlick 
49.10.22 Witness, Witness, who's got the Witness 
49.10.29 The Little Man Who Wasn't All There 
49.11.05 South Sea Island 
49.11.12 Case of Melanie Carter 
49.11.26 Skull Canyon Mine 
49.12.03 Body Guard To Anne 
49.12.07 Milford Brooks III Matter 
49.12.10 The Circus Animal 
49.12.17 The Haiti Adventure 
49.12.24 How I Played Santa 
50.02.03 Loyal martin murder 
50.02.10 Thessmalay trader 
50.02.17 Gravedigger's spade 
50.02.17 Mr and Mrs Arbuthnel Trump 
50.03.03 Robert W. Perry Case 
50.03.14 The Eighty Five Little Minks 
50.03.21 Stuart Palmer, Writer 
50.03.28 The Missing Master 
50.04.04 The Story Of The Big Red School House 
50.04.11 The Dead First Helpers 
50.04.18 The story of the 1008 
50.04.25 Pearl Carrasa Matter 
50.05.02 The Abel Tackett Matter 
50.05.09 Harold Trandom Matter 
50.05.16 The Sidney Rykoff Matter 
50.05.23 The Earl Chadwick Matter 
50.05.30 Theport - Au - Pri 
50.06.06 The Carisio Diamond Matter 
50.06.13 The Arrow Craft Matter 
50.06.22 London Matter 
50.06.29 Barbara James Matter 
50.07.06 Bello - Horizonter 
50.07.13 Calgary 
50.07.20 Henry Junger Matter 
50.08.03 Blood River Matter 
50.08.10 Hartford Alliance Matter 
50.08.17 The Mickey Queen Matter 
50.08.24 The Transpacific Matter 
50.08.31 Virgina Beach Matter 
50.09.30 The Howard Caldwell Matter 
50.10.07 The Richard Splane 
50.10.14 Yankee pride matter 
50.10.21 Jack madigan matter 
50.10.28 Joan sebastian matter 
50.11.04 The queen anne pistol 
50.11.13 The nora falkner matter 
50.11.25 The woodword manilla matter 
50.12.16 The leland blackburn matter 
51.01.13 The port o' call matter 
51.01.20 The david rocky matter 
51.02.24 The jarvas wilder matter 
51.03.03 The celia woodstock matter 
51.03.10 The stanley springs matter 
51.03.24 The byron hayes matter 
51.03.31 The jackie cleaver matter 
51.04.07 The edward french matter 
51.04.14 The mickey mcqueen matter 
51.04.21 The willard south matter 
51.04.28 The month end raid matter 
51.05.05 The virginia towne matter 
51.05.26 The lillis bond matter 
51.06.02 The sodaberry maine matter 
51.06.09 The george farmer matter 
51.06.16 The arthur boldrick matter 
51.06.23 The malcom wish md matter 
51.07.04 The alonzo chapman matter 
51.08.09 George farmer matter 
51.08.15 The lucky costa matter 
51.09.19 Unknown name 
51.09.26 The protection matter 
51.10.03 The douglas taylor matter 
51.10.10 The millard ward matter 
51.10.27 Toll hurst theft matter 
51.11.03 The hannibal murphy matter 
51.11.10 The baskerville matter 
51.12.08 The youngstown credit group matter 
51.12.29 The almas cott matter 
52.01.05 The glenn english matter 
52.07.02 The amelia harwell matter 
52.11.24 Trans-Pacific matter 
52.12.26 The walker patterson matter 
53.01.02 The baltimore matter 
53.01.30 The kay bellamy matter 
53.02.06 Chicago fraud matter 
53.02.27 The underwood matter 
53.03.06 The jeanne maxwell matter 
53.03.17 The king's necklace matter 
53.03.24 The syndicate matter 
53.03.31 Lester james matter 
53.04.07 Enocharden 
53.04.14 Madison matter 
53.04.21 Dameron matter 
53.04.28 The sanantonio matter 
53.05.05 The blackmail matter 
53.05.12 The rochester matter 
53.06.02 The costaine matter 
53.06.09 The oklahoma red matter 
53.06.16 The emil carter matter 
53.06.23 The jonathan bellows matter 
53.06.30 The jones matter 
53.07.14 The shayne bombing matter 
53.07.28 The james forbes matter 
53.08.04 The voodoo matter 
53.08.11 The nancy shaw matter 
53.08.18 The isabel james matt 
53.08.25 The nelson matter 
53.11.24 Independant diamond 
54.03.09 The terrified taun matter 
54.05.25 Punctilious fire bug 
54.06.01 The temperamental tote board matter 
54.07.13 The carboniferous dolomite matter 
54.07.27 The radioactive gold 
54.09.05 The hampton line matter 
55 11 25 The amy bradshaw matter 
55.08.29 Trans-Pacific matter 
55.10.03 The Mccormick Matter 
55.10.04 The Mccormick Matter 
55.10.05 The Mccormick Matter 
55.10.06 The Mccormick Matter 
55.10.07 The Mccormick Matter 
55.10.10 The molly k matter 
55.10.11 The molly k matter 
55.10.12 The molly k matter 
55.10.13 The molly k matter 
55.10.14 The molly k matter 
55.10.17 Chesapeak fraud matter 
55.10.18 Chesapeak fraud matter 
55.10.19 Chesapeak fraud matter 
55.10.20 Chesapeak fraud matter 
55.10.21 Chesapeak fraud matter 
55.10.24 The Alvin Summers Matter 
55.10.25 The Alvin Summers Matter 
55.10.26 The Alvin Summers Matter 
55.10.27 The Alvin Summers Matter 
55.10.28 The Alvin Summers Matter 
55.10.31 The valentine matter 
55.11.01 The valentine matter 
55.11.02 The valentine matter 
55.11.03 The valentine matter 
55.11.04 The valentine matter 
55.11.07 The lorcoe diamond matter 
55.11.08 The lorcoe diamond matter 
55.11.09 The lorcoe diamond matter 
55.11.10 The lorcoe diamond matter 
55.11.11 The lorcoe diamond matter 
55.11.14 The broderick matter 
55.11.15 The broderick matter 
55.11.16 The broderick matter 
55.11.17 The broderick matter 
55.11.18 The broderick matter 
55.11.21 The amy bradshaw matter 
55.11.22 The amy bradshaw matter 
55.11.23 The amy bradshaw matter 
55.11.24 The amy bradshaw matter 
55.11.25 The amy bradshaw matter 
55.11.28 The henderson matter 
55.12.05 The cronin matter 
55.12.06 The cronin matter 
55.12.07 The cronin matter 
55.12.08 The cronin matter 
55.12.09 The cronin matter 
55.12.12 The lansing fraud matter 
55.12.13 The lansing fraud matter 
55.12.14 The lansing fraud matter 
55.12.15 The lansing fraud matter 
55.12.16 The lansing fraud matter 
55.12.19 Nick shurn matter 
55.12.22 Nick shurn matter 
55.12.26 The forbes matter 
55.12.27 The forbes matter 
55.12.28 The forbes matter 
55.12.29 The forbes matter 
55.12.30 The forbes matter 
56.00.00 Thanksgiving message 
56.01.02 The caylin matter 
56.01.09 Todd matter - Pt 1 
56.01.10 Todd matter - Pt 2 
56.01.11 Todd matter - Pt 3 
56.01.12 Todd matter - Pt 4 
56.01.13 Todd matter - Pt 5 
56.01.16 The ricardo amerigo matter 
56.01.23 The duke red matter 
56.01.24 The duke red matter 
56.01.25 The duke red matter 
56.01.26 The duke red matter 
56.01.27 The duke red matter 
56.01.30 The flight six matter 
56.01.31 The flight six matter 
56.02.01 The flight six matter 
56.02.02 The flight six matter 
56.02.03 The flight six matter 
56.02.06 Maclean 1 - 2 
56.02.09 Maclean 4 - 5 
56.02.13 The Qui Bono Matter pt1 
56.02.14 The Qui Bono Matter pt2 
56.02.15 The Qui Bono Matter pt3 
56.02.16 The Qui Bono Matter pt4 
56.02.17 The Cui Bono Matter pt5 
56.02.17 The Qui Bono Matte 
56.02.20 Bennett matter 
56.02.21 Bennett matter 
56.02.22 Bennett matter 
56.02.23 Bennett matter 
56.02.24 Bennett matter 
56.02.27 The Fathom Five Matter 
56.02.28 The Fathom Five Matter 
56.02.29 The Fathom Five Matter 
56.03.01 The Fathom Five Matter 
56.03.02 The Fathom Five Matter 
56.03.05 The Plantagent Matter 
56.03.06 The Plantagent Matter 
56.03.07 The Plantagent Matter 
56.03.08 The Plantagent Matter 
56.03.09 The Plantagent Matter 
56.03.12 Clinton pt1 
56.03.13 Clinton pt2 
56.03.14 Clinton pt3 
56.03.15 Clinton pt4 
56.03.16 Clinton pt5 
56.03.19 Jolly roger pt1 
56.03.20 Jolly roger pt2 
56.03.21 Jolly roger pt3 
56.03.22 Jolly roger pt4 
56.03.23 Jolly roger pt5 
56.03.26 The lamarr matter 
56.03.29 The lamarr matter 
56.04.02 Salt city 1 & 3 
56.04.05 Salt city 4 - 5 
56.04.09 The laird douglas matter 
56.04.10 The laird douglas matter 
56.04.11 The laird douglas matter 
56.04.12 The laird douglas matter 
56.04.16 The shephard matter 
56.04.23 Lonelyhearts 1-2 
56.04.25 Lonelyhearts 3&5 
56.04.30 The callicles matter 
56.04.30 The callicles matter 
56.05.03 The callicles matter 
56.05.07 The silver blue matter 
56.05.08 The silver blue matter 
56.05.09 The silver blue matter 
56.05.10 The silver blue matter 
56.05.11 The silver blue matter 
56.05.14 The matter of the medium well done 
56.05.15 The matter of the medium well done 
56.05.16 The matter of the medium well done 
56.05.17 The matter of the medium well done 
56.05.18 The matter of the medium well done 
56.05.21 The tears of night matter 
56.05.28 Matter Of Reasonable Doubt 
56.05.29 Matter Of Reasonable Doubt 
56.05.30 Matter Of Reasonable Doubt 
56.05.31 Matter Of Reasonable Doubt 
56.06.01 Matter Of Reasonable Doubt 
56.06.04 The indestructible matter 
56.06.05 The indestructible matter 
56.06.06 The indestructible matter 
56.06.07 The indestructible matter 
56.06.08 The indestructible matter 
56.06.11 Laughing matter 1 
56.06.14 Laughing matter 4 
56.06.18 Pearling matter 
56.06.19 Pearling matter 
56.06.20 Pearling matter 
56.06.21 Pearling matter 
56.06.22 Pearling matter 
56.06.25 Longshot matter 
56.06.26 Longshot matter 
56.06.27 Longshot matter 
56.06.28 Longshot matter 
56.06.29 Longshot matter 
56.07.02 Midas touch matter 
56.07.03 Midas touch matter 
56.07.04 Midas touch matter 
56.07.05 Midas touch matter 
56.07.06 Midas touch matter 
56.07.09 Shady lane matter 
56.07.10 Shady lane matter 
56.07.11 Shady lane matter 
56.07.12 Shady lane matter 
56.07.13 Shady lane matter 
56.07.16 Star of capetown matter 
56.07.17 Star of capetown matter 
56.07.18 Star of capetown matter 
56.07.19 Star of capetown matter 
56.07.20 Star of capetown matter 
56.07.23 Open town matter 
56.07.24 Open town matter 
56.07.25 Open town matter 
56.07.26 Open town matter 
56.07.27 Open town matter 
56.07.30 The Sealegs Matter 
56.07.31 The Sealegs Matter 
56.08.01 The Sealegs Matter 
56.08.02 The Sealegs Matter 
56.08.06 Alder matter - Pt1 
56.08.07 Alder matter - Pt2 
56.08.08 Alder matter - Pt3 
56.08.09 Alder matter - Pt4 
56.08.10 Alder matter - Pt5 
56.08.13 Crystal lake matter 
56.08.14 Crystal lake matter 
56.08.15 Crystal lake matter 
56.08.16 Crystal lake matter 
56.08.17 Crystal lake matter 
56.08.23 Kranesburg Matter 
56.08.24 Kranesburg Matter 
56.08.27 Kranesburg Matter 
56.08.28 Kranesburg Matter 
56.08.29 Kranesburg Matter 
56.08.30 Kranesburg Matter 
56.08.31 Kranesburg Matter 
56.09.03 Curse Of Kamashek 
56.09.04 Curse Of Kamashek 
56.09.05 Curse Of Kamashek 
56.09.06 Curse Of Kamashek 
56.09.07 Curse Of Kamashek 
56.09.10 Confidential matter 
56.09.11 Confidential matter 
56.09.12 Confidential matter 
56.09.13 Confidential matter 
56.09.14 Confidential matter 
56.09.17 The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
56.09.19 The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
56.09.20 The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
56.09.21 The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
56.09.24 Meg's palace matter 
56.09.25 Meg's palace matter 
56.09.26 Meg's palace matter 
56.09.27 Meg's palace matter 
56.09.28 Meg's palace matter 
56.10.01 Picture postcard matter 
56.10.02 Picture postcard matter 
56.10.03 Picture postcard matter 
56.10.04 Picture postcard matter 
56.10.05 Picture postcard matter 
56.10.08 The primrose matter 
56.10.09 The primrose matter 
56.10.10 The primrose matter 
56.10.11 The primrose matter 
56.10.15 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.16 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.17 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.18 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.19 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.20 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.23 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.24 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.25 The phantom chase matter 
56.10.29 The Silent Queen Matter 
56.10.30 The Silent Queen Matter 
56.10.31 The Silent Queen Matter 
56.11.01 The Silent Queen Matter 
56.11.02 The Silent Queen Matter 
56.11.11 Big scoop matter 
56.11.18 The markham matter 
56.11.25 Royal street matter 
56.12.09 Burning car matter 
56.12.16 Rassmussen matter 
56.12.23 The missing mouse matter 
56.12.30 The squared circle matter 
57.01.20 The blooming blossom 
57.02.02 The Kirby Will Matter 
57.03.10 The suntan oil matter 
57.03.16 The clever chemist matter 
57.03.31 The moonshine matter 
57.04.14 The ming toy murphy matter 
57.04.28 The melancholy memory matter 
57.06.09 Mason dixon mismatch 
57.07.21 The yours truly matter 
57.07.28 The confederate coin 
57.08.04 Wayward widow matter 
57.08.11 The killer's brand matter 
57.08.25 The smoky sleeper 
57.09.01 The poor little rich girl matter 
57.09.08 The charmona matter 
57.09.15 The jpd matter 
57.09.22 Ideal vacation matter 
57.09.29 The doubtful dairy matter 
57.10.06 The bum steer matter 
57.10.13 The silver belle matter 
57.10.20 The mary grace matter 
57.11.03 The model picture matter 
57.11.10 The alkali mike matter 
57.11.17 The shy beneficiary matter 
57.11.24 The hope to die matter 
57.12.01 Sunny dream matter 
57.12.08 The hapless hunter matter 
57.12.15 Happy family matter 
57.12.22 Carmen kringle matter 
57.12.29 Latin lovely matter 
58.01.05 Ingenious jeweler matter 
58.01.12 Boron 112 matter 
58.01.19 The eleven o'clock matter 
58.02.02 The price of fame matter 
58.02.09 The sick chick matter 
58.02.16 The time and tide matter 
58.02.23 Durango laramie matter 
58.03.02 Diamond dial matter 
58.03.09 Wayward moth matter 
58.03.16 Salkoffs sequel matter 
58.03.23 Denver dispersal matter 
58.03.30 Killers list matter 
58.04.06 The eastern western matter 
58.04.13 The wayward money matter 
58.04.20 The wayward trout matter 
58.04.27 The village of virtue 
58.05.04 Epecarson arson matter 
58.05.11 The rolling stone matter 
58.05.18 The ghost to ghost matter 
58.05.25 The midnight sun matter 
58.05.28 The midnight sun matter 
58.06.08 The waywar driver matter 
58.06.15 The delectable damsel matter 
58.06.22 The virtous mobster matter 
58.06.29 The ugly pattern matter 
58.07.06 The blinker matter 
58.07.13 The mojave red matter 
58.07.20 The mojave red matter 
58.07.27 The wayward killer matter 
58.08.03 The lucky four matter 
58.08.10 The two faced matter 
58.08.17 The noxious needle matter 
58.09.07 The malibu mystery matter 
58.09.28 The gruesome spectacle matter 
58.11.16 The double trouble matter 
58.11.30 The hair raising matter 
59.01.04 The hollywood mystery 
59.01.11 The deadly doubt matter 
59.01.25 The doting dowager matter 
59.02.08 Date with death matter 
59.02.15 The Shankar Diamond 
59.02.22 The blue madonna matter 
59.03.08 The net of circumstance 
59.03.15 The baldero matter 
59.03.22 The lake mead matter 
59.03.29 Jimmy carter mystery 
59.04.05 The frisco fire mattre 
59.04.12 The fair weather friend matter 
59.04.19 The cautious celebrant matter 
59.04.26 The winsome widow matter 
59.05.10 Fatal fillet matter 
59.05.17 The Twin Trouble 
59.05.24 The Cask Of Death 
59.05.31 The bigh matter 
59.06.07 The wayward heiress matter 
59.06.14 The wayward sculpture 
59.06.21 Life at stake matter 
59.06.28 The mei - Lingbuddha matter 
59.07.05 The only one butt matter 
59.07.12 The frantic fisherman 
59.07.19 The will and away matter 
59.07.26 The bolt out of the blue 
59.08.02 The Deadly Chain Matter 
59.08.09 Lost by a hair matter 
59.08.16 The night in paris matter 
59.08.23 The embarcadero matter 
59.08.30 The really gone matter 
59.09.06 The backfire that backfired matter 
59.10.04 The buffalo matter 
59.10.11 The buffalo matter 
59.10.18 The double indentity 
59.10.25 The missing missile 
59.11.01 The Hand Of Providential Matter 
59.11.08 The Larson Arson 
59.11.15 Bayou body matter 
59.11.22 Fancy bridgework matter 
59.12.13 Sudden wealth matter 
59.12.20 Red mystery 
59.12.27 Burning desire matter 
60.01.03 Hapless ham matter 
60.01.10 Unholy two matter 
60.01.17 Evaporated clue 
60.01.24 Nuclear goof matter 
60.01.31 The Merry - Go - Round 
60.02.07 Sidewinder matter 
60.02.14 Po matter 
60.02.21 The alvin's alfred matter 
60.02.28 Look before the leap matter 
60.03.06 The moonshine matter 
60.03.13 The deepdown matter 
60.03.20 Sat night 
60.04.17 Deadly swamp matter 
60.04.17 The deadly swamp matter 
60.05.01 The fatal switch matter 
60.05.15 Mystery gal matter 
60.05.22 The man who waits matter 
60.05.29 The redrock matter 
60.06.05 The canned canary matter 
60.06.12 The harried heiress matter 
60.06.19 The flask of death matter 
60.06.26 The wholly unexpected 
60.07.03 The collector 
60.07.17 The back to the back matter 
60.08.21 The twisted twin matter 
60.08.28 The deadly debt matter 
60.09.25 The five down matter 
60.10.02 The stroke of death matter 
60.10.09 The recompense matter 
60.10.16 The twin of tahoe matter 
60.10.23 The unworthy kin matter 
60.10.30 The what goes matter 
60.11.06 The super salesman matter 
60.11.13 The bad one matter 
60.11.20 The double deal matter 
60.11.27 The empty threat matter 
60.12.18 The wayward kilocycle matter 
61.01.08 The paperback mystery 
61.01.15 The very fishy matter 
61.01.29 The short term matter 
61.02.05 Who's home matter 
61.02.12 The wayward fireman matter 
61.02.26 The touch-up matter 
61.03.05 The morning after matter 
61.03.12 The ring of death 
61.03.19 The informer matter 
61.03.26 The two's a crowd matter 
61.04.02 The wrong sign matter 
61.04.09 The captain's table matter 
61.04.16 The latrodectus matter 
61.04.23 The rat pack matter 
61.05.14 The simple simon matter 
61.05.21 The lone wolf matter 
61.05.28 The yak mystery matter 
61.06.03 Stock & Trade matter 
61.06.04 Unknown name 
61.06.18 The low tide matter 
61.06.25 The imperfect crime matter 
61.07.02 The well of trouble matter 
61.07.09 The fiddle faddle matter 
61.07.23 The chuckanut matter 
61.07.30 The philadelphia mis matter 
61.08.06 The perilous padre matter 
61.08.13 The wrong doctor matter 
61.08.20 The too many crooks matter 
61.08.27 The shifty looker matter 
61.09.03 The all wet matter 
61.09.10 The buyer and cellar matter 
61.09.24 The Double-Barreled Matter 
61.10.08 The medium rare matter 
61.10.22 The Three For One 
61.10.29 The bee or not to bee matter 
61.11.05 The monticello mystery 
61.11.12 The wrong one matter 
61.11.19 The guide to murder matter 
61.11.26 The mad bomber matter 
61.12.03 The cinderelmer matter 
61.12.10 The cinderelmer matter 
61.12.17 The phony phone matter 
61.12.31 The one too many matter 
62.01.07 The hot chocolate matter 
62.01.21 The terrible torch matter 
62.01.28 The it can't be so matter 
62.02.04 The nugget of truth matter 
62.02.11 The do it yourself matter 
62.02.18 The takes a crook matter 
62.02.25 The mixed blessing matter 
62.03.04 The top secret matter 
62.03.11 The golden dream matter 
62.03.18 The ike and mike matter 
62.03.25 The shadow of a doubt matter 
62.04.01 The blue rock matter 
62.04.08 The ive emerald matter 
62.04.15 The wrong idea matter 
62.04.22 The skidmore matter 
62.04.29 Grand canyon matter 
62.05.05 The burma red matter 
62.05.13 The lust for gold matter 
62.05.20 The two steps to murder matter 
62.05.27 The zipp matter 
62.06.03 The wayward gun matter 
62.06.17 The all too easy matter 
62.06.24 The food of death matter 
62.07.01 The vociferous dolphin matter 
62.07.08 The rilldoe matter 
62.07.15 The weather or not matter 
62.07.22 The skimpy matter 
62.07.29 The four is a crowd matter 
62.08.05 The case of trouble matter 
62.08.12 The oldest gag matter 
62.08.26 The gold rush matter 
62.09.02 The weather or not matter 
62.09.09 The four seas matter 
62.09.16 The no matter matter 
62.09.23 The deadly crystal matter 
62.09.30 The tipoff matter 
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YTJ$501014 - Yankee Pride Matter 
YTJ$501021 - The Jack Madigan Matter 
YTJ$501028 - The Joan Sebastian Matter 
YTJ$501104 - The Queen Anne Pistols Matter 
YTJ$501111 - The Adam Kegg Matter 
YTJ$501118 - The Nora Faulkner Matter 
YTJ$501125 - The Woodward Manila Matter 
YTJ$501209 - The Jackie Cleaver Matter 
YTJ$501216 - The Leland Blackburn Matter 
YTJ$510113 - The Port O'call Matter 
YTJ$510120 - The David Rocky Matter 
YTJ$510224 - The Jarvis Wilder Matter 
YTJ$510303 - The Celia Woodstock Matter 
YTJ$510310 - The Stanley Springs Matter 
YTJ$510324 - The Byron Hayes Matter 
YTJ$510331 - The Jackie Cleaver Matter 
YTJ$510407 - The Edward French Matter 
YTJ$510414 - The Micky Mcqueen Matter 
YTJ$510421 - The Willard South Matter 
YTJ$510425 - The Virginia Towne Matter (Rehearsal) 
YTJ$510428 - The Month-End Raid Matter 
YTJ$510505 - The Virginia Towne Matter 
YTJ$510526 - The Lillis Bond Matter 
YTJ$510602 - The Soderbury, Maine Matter 
YTJ$510609 - The George Farmer Matter 
YTJ$510616 - The Arthur Boldrick Matter 
YTJ$510620 - The Malcolm Wish, Maryland Matter 
YTJ$510627 - The Hatchet House Theft Matter 
YTJ$510704 - The Alonzo Chapman Matter 
YTJ$510711 - The Fairway Matter 
YTJ$510801 - The Horace Lockhart Matter 
YTJ$510815 - The Lucky Costa Matter 
YTJ$510822 - The Leland Case Matter Rehearsal 
YTJ$510829 - The Leland Case Matter 
YTJ$510919 - The Cuban Jewel Matter 
YTJ$510926 - The Protection Matter 
YTJ$511006 - The Douglas Taylor Matter 
YTJ$511013 - The Millard Ward Matter 
YTJ$511027 - The Tollhurst Theft Matter 
YTJ$511103 - The Hannibal Murphy Matter 
YTJ$511110 - The Baskerville Matter 
YTJ$511117 - The Merrill Kent Matter 
YTJ$511208 - The Youngstown Credit Group Matter 
YTJ$511222 - The Maynard Collins Matter 
YTJ$511229 - The Alma Scott Matter 
YTJ$520105 - The Glen English Matter 
YTJ$520702 - The Amelia Harwell Matter 
YTJ$521124 - [Aud1] The TransPacific Matter 
YTJ$521124 - [Aud2] The TransPacific Matter 
YTJ$521205 - The James Clayton Matter 
YTJ$521212 - The Elliott Champion Matter 
YTJ$521226 - The Walter Patterson Matter 
YTJ$530102 - The Baltimore Matter 
YTJ$530109 - The Thelma Ibsen Matter 
YTJ$530116 - The Starlet Matter 
YTJ$530123 - The Marigold Matter 
YTJ$530130 - Kay Bellamy Matter 
YTJ$530206 - The Chicago Fraud Matter 
YTJ$530220 - The Latourette Matter 
YTJ$530227 - The Underwood Matter 
YTJ$530306 - The Jeanne Maxwell Matter 
YTJ$530309 - The Madison Matter (Rehearsal) [321] 
YTJ$530310 - The Birdy Baskerville Matter 
YTJ$530317 - The King's Necklace Matter 
YTJ$530324 - The Syndicate Matter 
YTJ$530331 - The Lester James Matter 
YTJ$530407 - The Enoch Arden Matter 
YTJ$530414 - The Madison Matter 
YTJ$530421 - The Dameron Matter 
YTJ$530428 - The San Antonio Matter 
YTJ$530505 - The Blackmail Matter 
YTJ$530512 - The Rochester Theft Matter 
YTJ$530526 - The Brisbane Fraud Matter 
YTJ$530602 - The Costain Matter 
YTJ$530609 - The Oklahoma Red Matter 
YTJ$530616 - The Emil Carter Matter 
YTJ$530623 - The Jonathan Bellows Matter 
YTJ$530630 - The Jones Matter 
YTJ$530714 - The Shayne Bombing Matter 
YTJ$530721 - The Black Doll Matter 
YTJ$530728 - The James Forbes Matter 
YTJ$530804 - The Voodoo Matter 
YTJ$530811 - The Nancy Shaw Matter 
YTJ$530818 - The Isabelle James Matter 
YTJ$530825 - The Nelson Matter 
YTJ$530901 - The Stanley Price Matter 
YTJ$530908 - The Lester Matson Matter 
YTJ$530929 - The Anita Buddha Matter 
YTJ$531006 - The Alfred Chambers Matter 
YTJ$531013 - The Philip Morey Matter 
YTJ$531020 - The Allen Saxton Matter 
YTJ$531027 - The Howard Arlen Matter 
YTJ$531103 - The Gina Gambona Matter 
YTJ$531110 - The Bobby Foster Matter 
YTJ$531117 - The Nathan Gayles Matter 
YTJ$531124 - The Independent Diamond Traders Matter 
YTJ$531201 - The Monopoly Matter 
YTJ$531208 - The Barton Baker Matter 
YTJ$531215 - The Milk and Honey Matter 
YTJ$531229 - The Ben Bryson Matter 
YTJ$540105 - The Fairway Matter 
YTJ$540112 - The Celia Woodstock Matter 
YTJ$540126 - The Beaugard Matter 
YTJ$540202 - The Paul Gorrell Matter 
YTJ$540209 - The Harpooned Angler Matter 
YTJ$540216 - The Uncut Canary Matter 
YTJ$540223 - The Classified Killer Matter 
YTJ$540302 - The Road Test Matter 
YTJ$540309 - The Terrified Tuan Matter 
YTJ$540316 - The Berlin Matter 
YTJ$540323 - The Piney Corners Matter 
YTJ$540406 - The Sulphur and Brimstone Matter 
YTJ$540413 - The Magnolia and Honeysuckle Matter 
YTJ$540420 - The Nathan Swing Matter 
YTJ$540427 - The Frustrated Phoenix Matter 
YTJ$540504 - The Dan Frack Matter 
YTJ$540518 - The Bilked Baroness Matter 
YTJ$540525 - The Punctilious Firebug Matter 
YTJ$540601 - The Tempermental Toteboard Matter 
YTJ$540608 - The Sarah Dearing Matter 
YTJ$540615 - The Patterson Transport Matter 
YTJ$540629 - The Woodward Manila Matter 
YTJ$540706 - The Flowering Judas Matter 
YTJ$540713 - The Carboniferous Dolomite Matter 
YTJ$540727 - The Radioactive Gold Matter 
YTJ$540803 - The Hampton Line Matter 
YTJ$550829 - The Trans-Pacific Matter 
YTJ$551003 - The Mccormack Matter 
YTJ$551004 - The Mccormack Matter 
YTJ$551005 - The Mccormack Matter 
YTJ$551006 - The Mccormack Matter 
YTJ$551007 - The Mccormack Matter 
YTJ$551010 - The Molly K Matter 
YTJ$551011 - The Molly K Matter 
YTJ$551012 - The Molly K Matter 
YTJ$551013 - The Molly K Matter 
YTJ$551014 - The Molly K Matter 
YTJ$551017 - The Chesapeake Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551018 - The Chesapeake Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551019 - The Chesapeake Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551020 - The Chesapeake Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551021 - The Chesapeake Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551024 - The Alvin Summers Matter 
YTJ$551025 - The Alvin Summers Matter 
YTJ$551026 - The Alvin Summers Matter 
YTJ$551027 - The Alvin Summers Matter 
YTJ$551028 - The Alvin Summers Matter 
YTJ$551031 - The Valentine Matter 
YTJ$551101 - The Valentine Matter 
YTJ$551102 - The Valentine Matter 
YTJ$551103 - The Valentine Matter 
YTJ$551104 - The Valentine Matter 
YTJ$551107 - The Lorcoe Diamond's Matter 
YTJ$551108 - The Lorcoe Diamond's Matter 
YTJ$551109 - The Lorcoe Diamond's Matter 
YTJ$551110 - The Lorcoe Diamond's Matter 
YTJ$551111 - The Lorcoe Diamonds Matter 
YTJ$551114 - The Broderick Matter 
YTJ$551115 - The Broderick Matter 
YTJ$551116 - The Broderick Matter 
YTJ$551117 - The Broderick Matter 
YTJ$551118 - The Broderick Matter 
YTJ$551121 - The Amy Bradshaw Matter 
YTJ$551122 - The Amy Bradshaw Matter 
YTJ$551123 - The Amy Bradshaw Matter 
YTJ$551124 - The Amy Bradshaw Matter 
YTJ$551125 - The Amy Bradshaw Matter 
YTJ$551128 - The Henderson Matter 
YTJ$551129 - The Henderson Matter 
YTJ$551130 - The Henderson Matter 
YTJ$551201 - The Henderson Matter 
YTJ$551202 - The Henderson Matter 
YTJ$551205 - The Cronin Matter 
YTJ$551206 - The Cronin Matter 
YTJ$551207 - The Cronin Matter 
YTJ$551208 - The Cronin Matter 
YTJ$551209 - The Cronin Matter 
YTJ$551212 - The Lansing Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551213 - The Lansing Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551214 - The Lansing Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551215 - The Lansing Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551216 - The Lansing Fraud Matter 
YTJ$551219 - The Nick Shurn Matter 
YTJ$551220 - The Nick Shurn Matter 
YTJ$551221 - The Nick Shurn Matter 
YTJ$551222 - The Nick Shurn Matter 
YTJ$551223 - The Nick Shurn Matter 
YTJ$551226 - The Forbes Matter 
YTJ$551227 - The Forbes Matter 
YTJ$551228 - The Forbes Matter 
YTJ$551229 - The Forbes Matter 
YTJ$551230 - The Forbes Matter 
YTJ$560102 - The Caylin Matter 
YTJ$560103 - The Caylin Matter 
YTJ$560104 - The Caylin Matter 
YTJ$560105 - The Caylin Matter 
YTJ$560106 - The Caylin Matter 
YTJ$560109 - The Todd Matter 
YTJ$560110 - The Todd Matter 
YTJ$560111 - The Todd Matter 
YTJ$560112 - The Todd Matter 
YTJ$560113 - The Todd Matter 
YTJ$560116 - The Ricardo Amerigo Matter 
YTJ$560117 - The Ricardo Amerigo Matter 
YTJ$560118 - The Ricardo Amerigo Matter 
YTJ$560119 - The Ricardo Amerigo Matter 
YTJ$560120 - The Ricardo Amerigo Matter 
YTJ$560123 - The Duke Reo Matter 
YTJ$560124 - The Duke Reo Matter 
YTJ$560125 - The Duke Reo Matter 
YTJ$560126 - The Duke Reo Matter 
YTJ$560127 - The Duke Reo Matter 
YTJ$560130 - The Flight Six Matter 
YTJ$560131 - The Flight Six Matter 
YTJ$560201 - The Flight Six Matter 
YTJ$560202 - The Flight Six Matter 
YTJ$560203 - The Flight Six Matter 
YTJ$560206 - The McLean Matter 
YTJ$560207 - The McLean Matter 
YTJ$560209 - The McLean Matter 
YTJ$560210 - The McLean Matter 
YTJ$560213 - The Chi Bono Matter 
YTJ$560214 - The Chi Bono Matter 
YTJ$560215 - The Chi Bono Matter 
YTJ$560216 - The Chi Bono Matter 
YTJ$560217 - The Chi Bono Matter 
YTJ$560220 - The Bennett Matter 
YTJ$560221 - The Bennett Matter 
YTJ$560222 - The Bennett Matter 
YTJ$560223 - The Bennett Matter 
YTJ$560224 - The Bennett Matter 
YTJ$560227 - Fathom Five Matter 
YTJ$560228 - Fathom Five Matter 
YTJ$560229 - Fathom Five Matter 
YTJ$560301 - Fathom Five Matter 
YTJ$560302 - Fathom Five Matter 
YTJ$560305 - The Plantation Matter 
YTJ$560306 - The Plantation Matter 
YTJ$560307 - The Plantation Matter 
YTJ$560308 - The Plantation Matter 
YTJ$560309 - The Plantation Matter 
YTJ$560312 - The Clinton Matter 
YTJ$560313 - The Clinton Matter 
YTJ$560314 - The Clinton Matter 
YTJ$560315 - The Clinton Matter 
YTJ$560316 - The Clinton Matter 
YTJ$560319 - The Jolly Roger Fraud 
YTJ$560320 - The Jolly Roger Fraud 
YTJ$560321 - The Jolly Roger Fraud 
YTJ$560322 - The Jolly Roger Fraud 
YTJ$560323 - The Jolly Roger Fraud 
YTJ$560326 - The Lamar Matter 
YTJ$560327 - The Lamar Matter 
YTJ$560328 - The Lamar Matter 
YTJ$560329 - The Lamar Matter 
YTJ$560330 - The Lamar Matter 
YTJ$560402 - The Salt City Matter 
YTJ$560404 - The Salt City Matter 
YTJ$560405 - The Salt City Matter 
YTJ$560406 - The Salt City Matter 
YTJ$560409 - Laird Douglas-Douglas of Heatherscote Matter 
YTJ$560410 - Laird Douglas-Douglas of Heatherscote Matter 
YTJ$560411 - Laird Douglas-Douglas of Heatherscote Matter 
YTJ$560412 - Laird Douglas-Douglas of Heatherscote Matter 
YTJ$560413 - Laird Douglas-Douglas of Heatherscote Matter 
YTJ$560416 - The Shepherd Matter 
YTJ$560417 - The Shepherd Matter 
YTJ$560418 - The Shepherd Matter 
YTJ$560419 - The Shepherd Matter 
YTJ$560420 - The Shepherd Matter 
YTJ$560423 - The Lonely Hearts Matter 
YTJ$560424 - The Lonely Hearts Matter 
YTJ$560425 - The Lonely Hearts Matter 
YTJ$560427 - The Lonely Hearts Matter 
YTJ$560430 - Callicles Matter, The-Part 1 
YTJ$560501 - Callicles Matter, The-Part 1 
YTJ$560502 - Callicles Matter, The-Part 1 
YTJ$560503 - Callicles Matter, The-Part 1 
YTJ$560504 - Callicles Matter, The-Part 1 
YTJ$560507 - The Silver Blue Matter 
YTJ$560508 - The Silver Blue Matter 
YTJ$560509 - The Silver Blue Matter 
YTJ$560510 - The Silver Blue Matter 
YTJ$560511 - The Silver Blue Matter 
YTJ$560514 - The Matter of the Medium-Well Done 
YTJ$560515 - The Matter of the Medium-Well Done 
YTJ$560516 - The Matter of the Medium-Well Done 
YTJ$560517 - The Matter of the Medium-Well Done 
YTJ$560518 - The Matter of the Medium-Well Done 
YTJ$560521 - The Tears of the Night Matter 
YTJ$560522 - The Tears of the Night Matter 
YTJ$560523 - The Tears of the Night Matter 
YTJ$560524 - The Tears of the Night Matter 
YTJ$560525 - The Tears of the Night Matter 
YTJ$560528 - The Matter of Reasonable Doubt 
YTJ$560529 - The Matter of Reasonable Doubt 
YTJ$560530 - The Matter of Reasonable Doubt 
YTJ$560531 - The Matter of Reasonable Doubt 
YTJ$560601 - The Matter of Reasonable Doubt 
YTJ$560604 - The Industructible Mike Matter 
YTJ$560605 - The Industructible Mike Matter 
YTJ$560606 - The Industructible Mike Matter 
YTJ$560607 - The Industructible Mike Matter 
YTJ$560608 - The Industructible Mike Matter 
YTJ$560611 - The Laughing Matter 
YTJ$560612 - The Laughing Matter 
YTJ$560613 - The Laughing Matter 
YTJ$560614 - The Laughing Matter 
YTJ$560615 - The Laughing Matter 
YTJ$560618 - The Pearling Matter 
YTJ$560619 - The Pearling Matter 
YTJ$560620 - The Pearling Matter 
YTJ$560621 - The Pearling Matter 
YTJ$560622 - The Pearling Matter 
YTJ$560625 - The Long Shot Matter 
YTJ$560626 - The Long Shot Matter 
YTJ$560627 - The Long Shot Matter 
YTJ$560628 - The Long Shot Matter 
YTJ$560629 - The Long Shot Matter 
YTJ$560702 - The Touch of Midas Matter 
YTJ$560703 - The Touch of Midas Matter 
YTJ$560704 - The Touch of Midas Matter 
YTJ$560705 - The Touch of Midas Matter 
YTJ$560706 - The Touch of Midas Matter 
YTJ$560709 - The Shady Lane Matter 
YTJ$560710 - The Shady Lane Matter 
YTJ$560711 - The Shady Lane Matter 
YTJ$560712 - The Shady Lane Matter 
YTJ$560713 - The Shady Lane Matter 
YTJ$560716 - The Star of Capetown Matter 
YTJ$560717 - The Star of Capetown Matter 
YTJ$560718 - The Star of Capetown Matter 
YTJ$560719 - The Star of Capetown Matter 
YTJ$560720 - The Star of Capetown Matter 
YTJ$560723 - The Open Town Matter 
YTJ$560724 - The Open Town Matter 
YTJ$560725 - The Open Town Matter 
YTJ$560726 - The Open Town Matter 
YTJ$560727 - The Open Town Matter 
YTJ$560730 - The Sea Legs Matter 
YTJ$560731 - The Sea Legs Matter 
YTJ$560801 - The Sea Legs Matter 
YTJ$560802 - The Sea Legs Matter 
YTJ$560803 - The Sea Legs Matter 
YTJ$560806 - The Alder Matter 
YTJ$560807 - The Alder Matter 
YTJ$560808 - The Alder Matter 
YTJ$560809 - The Alder Matter 
YTJ$560810 - The Alder Matter 
YTJ$560813 - The Crystal Lake Matter 
YTJ$560814 - The Crystal Lake Matter 
YTJ$560815 - The Crystal Lake Matter 
YTJ$560816 - The Crystal Lake Matter 
YTJ$560817 - The Crystal Lake Matter 
YTJ$560824 - The Kranesburg Matter 
YTJ$560827 - The Kranesburg Matter 
YTJ$560828 - The Kranesburg Matter 
YTJ$560829 - The Kranesburg Matter 
YTJ$560830 - The Kranesburg Matter 
YTJ$560831 - The Kranesburg Matter 
YTJ$560903 - The Curse of Kamashek Matter 
YTJ$560904 - The Curse of Kamashek Matter 
YTJ$560905 - The Curse of Kamashek Matter 
YTJ$560906 - The Curse of Kamashek Matter 
YTJ$560907 - The Curse of Kamashek Matter 
YTJ$560910 - The Confidential Matter 
YTJ$560911 - The Confidential Matter 
YTJ$560912 - The Confidential Matter 
YTJ$560913 - The Confidential Matter 
YTJ$560914 - The Confidential Matter 
YTJ$560917 - The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
YTJ$560919 - The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
YTJ$560920 - The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
YTJ$560921 - The Imperfect Alibi Matter 
YTJ$560924 - The Meg's Palace Matter 
YTJ$560925 - The Meg's Palace Matter 
YTJ$560926 - The Meg's Palace Matter 
YTJ$560927 - The Meg's Palace Matter 
YTJ$560928 - The Meg's Palace Matter 
YTJ$561001 - The Picture Postcard Matter 
YTJ$561002 - The Picture Postcard Matter 
YTJ$561003 - The Picture Postcard Matter 
YTJ$561004 - The Picture Postcard Matter 
YTJ$561005 - The Picture Postcard Matter 
YTJ$561008 - The Primrose Matter 
YTJ$561009 - The Primrose Matter 
YTJ$561010 - The Primrose Matter 
YTJ$561011 - The Primrose Matter 
YTJ$561012 - The Primrose Matter 
YTJ$561015 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561016 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561017 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561018 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561019 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561022 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561024 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561025 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561026 - The Phantom Chase Matter 
YTJ$561029 - The Silent Queen Matter 
YTJ$561030 - The Silent Queen Matter 
YTJ$561031 - The Silent Queen Matter 
YTJ$561101 - The Silent Queen Matter 
YTJ$561102 - The Silent Queen Matter 
YTJ$561111 - Big Scoop Matter 
YTJ$561118 - Markham Matter 
YTJ$561125 - Royal Street Matter 
YTJ$561209 - Burning Car Matter 
YTJ$561216 - The Rasmusson Matter 
YTJ$561223 - Missing Mouse Matter 
YTJ$561230 - The Squared Circle Matter 
YTJ$570106 - Ellen Dear Matter [026] 
YTJ$570106 - The Ellen Dear Matter 
YTJ$570113 - The Desalles Matter 
YTJ$570120 - The Blooming Blossom Matter 
YTJ$570127 - The Mad Hatter Matter 
YTJ$570203 - The Kirby Will Matter 
YTJ$570210 - The Templeton Matter 
YTJ$570303 - The Meek Memorial Matter 
YTJ$570310 - The Suntan Oil Matter 
YTJ$570317 - The Clever Chemist Matter 
YTJ$570324 - The Hollywood Matter 
YTJ$570331 - The Moonshine Matter 
YTJ$570414 - The Ming Toy Murphy Matter 
YTJ$570428 - The Melancholy Memory Matter 
YTJ$570505 - The Peerless Fire Matter 
YTJ$570519 - The Michael Meany Mirage Matter 
YTJ$570526 - The Wayward Truck Matter 
YTJ$570609 - The Mason-Dixon Mismatch Matter 
YTJ$570616 - The Dixon Murder Matter 
YTJ$570630 - The Funny Money Matter 
YTJ$570707 - The Felicity Feline Matter 
YTJ$570714 - The Heatherstone Players Matter 
YTJ$570721 - The Yours Truly Matter 
YTJ$570728 - The Confederate Coinage Matter 
YTJ$570804 - The Wayward Widow Matter 
YTJ$570811 - The Killer's Brand Matter 
YTJ$570825 - The Smokey Sleeper Matter 
YTJ$570901 - The Poor Little Rich Girl Matter 
YTJ$570908 - The Charmona Matter 
YTJ$570915 - The Jpd Matter 
YTJ$570922 - The Ideal Vacation Matter 
YTJ$570929 - The Doubtful Diary Matter 
YTJ$571006 - The Bum Steer Matter 
YTJ$571013 - The Silver Belle Matter 
YTJ$571020 - The Mary Grace Matter 
YTJ$571027 - The Three Sisters Matter 
YTJ$571103 - The Model Picture Matter 
YTJ$571110 - The Alkali Mike Matter 
YTJ$571117 - The Shy Beneficiary Matter 
YTJ$571124 - The Hope to Die Matter 
YTJ$571201 - The Sunny Dream Matter 
YTJ$571208 - The Hapless Hunter Matter 
YTJ$571215 - The Happy Family Matter 
YTJ$571222 - The Carmen Kringle Matter 
YTJ$571229 - The Latin Lovely Matter 
YTJ$580105 - The Ingenuous Jeweler Matter 
YTJ$580112 - The Boron 112 Matter 
YTJ$580119 - The Eleven O'clock Matter 
YTJ$580202 - The Price of Fame Matter 
YTJ$580209 - Sick Chick Matter,The 
YTJ$580216 - The Time and Tide Matter 
YTJ$580223 - The Durango Laramie Matter 
YTJ$580302 - The Diamond Dilemma Matter 
YTJ$580309 - The Wayward Moth Matter 
YTJ$580316 - The Salkoff Sequel Matter 
YTJ$580323 - The Denver Disbursal Matter 
YTJ$580330 - The Killer's List Matter 
YTJ$580406 - The Eastern-Western Matter 
YTJ$580413 - The Wayward Money Matter 
YTJ$580420 - The Wayward Trout Matter 
YTJ$580427 - The Village of Virtue Matter 
YTJ$580504 - The Carson Arson Matter 
YTJ$580511 - The Rolling Stone Matter 
YTJ$580518 - The Ghost to Ghost Matter 
YTJ$580525 - The Midnight Sun Matter 
YTJ$580608 - The Wayward River Matter 
YTJ$580615 - The Delectable Damsel Matter 
YTJ$580622 - The Virtuous Mobster Matter 
YTJ$580629 - The Ugly Pattern Matter 
YTJ$580706 - The Blinker Matter 
YTJ$580713 - The Mojave Red Matter Part 1 
YTJ$580720 - The Mojave Red Matter Part 2 
YTJ$580727 - The Wayward Killer Matter 
YTJ$580803 - The Lucky Four Matter 
YTJ$580810 - The Two-Faced Matter 
YTJ$580824 - The Noxious Needle Matter 
YTJ$580907 - The Malibu Mystery Matter 
YTJ$580914 - The Wayward Diamonds Matter 
YTJ$580921 - The Johnson Payroll Matter 
YTJ$580928 - The Gruesome Spectacle Matter 
YTJ$581116 - The Double Trouble Matter 
YTJ$581130 - The Hair Raising Matter 
YTJ$590104 - The Hollywood Mystery Matter 
YTJ$590111 - The Deadly Doubt Matter 
YTJ$590125 - The Doting Dowager Matter 
YTJ$590208 - The Date with Death Matter 
YTJ$590215 - The Shankar Diamond Matter 
YTJ$590222 - The Blue Madonna Matter 
YTJ$590308 - The Net of Circumstance Matter 
YTJ$590315 - The Baldero Matter 
YTJ$590322 - The Lake Mead Mystery Matter 
YTJ$590329 - The Jimmy Carter Matter 
YTJ$590405 - The Frisco Fire Matter 
YTJ$590412 - The Fair Weather Friend Matter 
YTJ$590419 - The Cautious Celebate Matter 
YTJ$590426 - The Winsome Widow Matter 
YTJ$590510 - The Fatal Filet Matter 
YTJ$590517 - The Twin Trouble Matter 
YTJ$590524 - The Cask of Death Matter 
YTJ$590531 - The Big H Matter 
YTJ$590607 - The Wayward Heiress Matter 
YTJ$590614 - The Wayward Sculptor Matter 
YTJ$590621 - The Life at Stake Matter 
YTJ$590628 - The Mei-Ling Buddha Matter 
YTJ$590705 - The Only One Butt Matter 
YTJ$590712 - The Frantic Fisherman Matter 
YTJ$590719 - The Will and a Way Matter 
YTJ$590726 - The Bolt out of the Blue Matter 
YTJ$590802 - The Deadly Chain Matter 
YTJ$590809 - The Lost by a Hair Matter 
YTJ$590816 - The Night in Paris Matter 
YTJ$590823 - The Embarcadero Matter 
YTJ$590830 - The Really Gone Matter 
YTJ$590906 - The Backfire That Backfired Matter 
YTJ$590913 - The Leumas Matter [000] 
YTJ$590920 - The Little Man Who Was There Matter 
YTJ$590927 - The Gruesome Spectacle Matter 
YTJ$591004 - The Buffalo Matter 
YTJ$591011 - The Buffalo Matter 
YTJ$591018 - The Missing Missle Matter 
YTJ$591025 - The Double Identity Matter 
YTJ$591101 - The Hand of Providencial Matter 
YTJ$591108 - The Larson Arson Matter 
YTJ$591115 - The Bayou Body Matter 
YTJ$591122 - The Fancy Bridgework Matter 
YTJ$591129 - The Wrong Man Matter 
YTJ$591206 - The Hired Homicide Matter 
YTJ$591213 - The Sudden Wealth Matter 
YTJ$591220 - The Red Mystery Matter 
YTJ$591227 - The Burning Desire Matter 
YTJ$600103 - The Hapless Ham Matter 
YTJ$600110 - The Unholy Two Matter 
YTJ$600117 - The Evaporated Clue Matter 
YTJ$600124 - The Nuclear Goof Matter 
YTJ$600131 - The Merry-Go-Round Matter 
YTJ$600207 - The Sidewinder Matter 
YTJ$600214 - The Po Matter 
YTJ$600221 - Alvin's Alfred Matter 
YTJ$600228 - The Look Before the Leap Matter 
YTJ$600306 - The Moonshine Matter 
YTJ$600313 - The Deep Down Matter 
YTJ$600320 - The Saturday Night Matter 
YTJ$600327 - The False Alarm Matter 
YTJ$600403 - The Double Exposure Matter 
YTJ$600417 - The Deadly Swamp Matter 
YTJ$600424 - The Silver Queen Matter 
YTJ$600501 - The Fatal Switch Matter 
YTJ$600508 - The Phony Phone Matter 
YTJ$600515 - The Mystery Gal Matter 
YTJ$600522 - The Man Who Waits Matter 
YTJ$600529 - The Red Rock Matter 
YTJ$600605 - The Canned Canary Matter 
YTJ$600612 - The Harried Heiress Matter 
YTJ$600619 - The Flask of Death Matter 
YTJ$600626 - The Wholly Unexpected Matter 
YTJ$600703 - The Collector's Matter 
YTJ$600717 - The Back to the Back Matter 
YTJ$600731 - The Rhymer Collection Matter 
YTJ$600814 - The Paradise Lost Matter 
YTJ$600821 - The Twisted Twin Matter 
YTJ$600828 - The Deadly Debt Matter 
YTJ$600904 - The Killer Kin Matter 
YTJ$600911 - The Too Much Money Matter 
YTJ$600918 - The Real Smokey Matter 
YTJ$600925 - The Five Down Matter 
YTJ$601002 - The Stope of Death Matter 
YTJ$601009 - The Recompense Matter 
YTJ$601016 - The Twins of Tahoe Matter 
YTJ$601023 - The Unworthy Kin Matter 
YTJ$601030 - The What Goes Matter 
YTJ$601106 - The Super Salesman Matter 
YTJ$601113 - The Bad One Matter 
YTJ$601120 - The Double Deal Matter 
YTJ$601127 - The Empty Threat Matter 
YTJ$601204 - The Earned Income Matter 
YTJ$601218 - The Wayward Kilocycles Matter 
YTJ$610108 - The Paperback Mystery Matter 
YTJ$610115 - The Very Fishy Matter 
YTJ$610129 - The Short Term Matter 
YTJ$610205 - The Who's Who Matter 
YTJ$610212 - The Wayward Fireman Matter 
YTJ$610226 - The Touch-Up Matter 
YTJ$610305 - The Morning After Matter 
YTJ$610312 - The Ring of Death Matter 
YTJ$610319 - The Informer Matter 
YTJ$610326 - The Two's a Crowd Matter 
YTJ$610402 - The Wrong Sign Matter 
YTJ$610409 - The Captain's Table Matter 
YTJ$610416 - The Latro Dectus Matter 
YTJ$610423 - The Rat Pack Matter 
YTJ$610514 - The Simple Simon Matter 
YTJ$610521 - The Lone Wolf Matter 
YTJ$610528 - The Yak Mystery Matter 
YTJ$610604 - The Stock-In-Trade Matter 
YTJ$610611 - The Big Date Matter 
YTJ$610618 - The Low Tide Matter 
YTJ$610625 - The Imperfect Crime Matter 
YTJ$610702 - The Well of Trouble Matter 
YTJ$610709 - The Fiddle Faddle Matter 
YTJ$610716 - The Old Fashioned Murder Matter 
YTJ$610723 - The Chuck-A-Nut Matter 
YTJ$610730 - The Philadelphia Miss Matter 
YTJ$610806 - The Perilous Padre Matter 
YTJ$610813 - The Wrong Doctor Matter 
YTJ$610820 - Too Many Crooks Matter 
YTJ$610827 - The Shifty Looker Matter 
YTJ$610903 - The All Wet Matter 
YTJ$610910 - The Buyer and the Cellar Matter 
YTJ$610924 - The Double-Barreled Matter 
YTJ$611008 - The Medium Rare Matter 
YTJ$611022 - The Three for One Matter 
YTJ$611029 - The Be or Not To Be Matter 
YTJ$611105 - The Monticello Mystery Matter 
YTJ$611112 - The Wrong One Matter 
YTJ$611119 - The Guide to Murder Matter 
YTJ$611126 - The Mad Bomber Matter 
YTJ$611203 - The Cinder Elmer Matter 
YTJ$611217 - The Phony Phone Matter 
YTJ$611231 - The One Too Many Matter 
YTJ$620107 - The Hot Chocolate Matter 
YTJ$620121 - The Terrible Torch Matter 
YTJ$620128 - The Can't Be So Matter 
YTJ$620204 - The Nugget of Truth Matter 
YTJ$620211 - The Do It Yourself Matter 
YTJ$620218 - The It Takes a Crook Matter 
YTJ$620225 - The Mixed Blessing Matter 
YTJ$620304 - The Top Secret Matter 
YTJ$620311 - The Golden Dream Matter 
YTJ$620318 - The Ike and Mike Matter 
YTJ$620325 - The Shadow of a Doubt Matter 
YTJ$620401 - The Blue Rock Matter 
YTJ$620408 - The Ivy Emerald Matter 
YTJ$620415 - The Wrong Idea Matter 
YTJ$620422 - The Skidmore Matter 
YTJ$620429 - The Grand Canyon Matter 
YTJ$620506 - The Burma Red Matter 
YTJ$620513 - The Lust for Gold Matter 
YTJ$620520 - The Two Steps to Murder Matter 
YTJ$620527 - The Zipp Matter 
YTJ$620603 - The Wayward Gun Matter 
YTJ$620617 - The All Too Easy Matter 
YTJ$620624 - The Food of Death Matter 
YTJ$620701 - The Vociferous Dolphin Matter 
YTJ$620708 - The Rilldoe Matter 
YTJ$620715 - The Weather or Not Matter 
YTJ$620722 - The Skimpy Matter 
YTJ$620729 - The Four Is a Crowd Matter 
YTJ$620805 - The Case of Trouble Matter 
YTJ$620812 - The Oldest Gag Matter 
YTJ$620826 - The Gold Rush Matter 
YTJ$620902 - The Donninger Donninger Matter 
YTJ$620909 - The Four Seas Matter 
YTJ$620916 - The No Matter Matter 
YTJ$620923 - The Deadly Crystal Matter 
YTJ$620930 - The Tip-Off Matter 
YTJD620819 - The Lorelei Matter 

More Detective coming soon...

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