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Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.
-Samuel Paterson
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Love isn't a desise or viruse or a sickness...but a gift instead. It can't be bought or stolen only earned. "
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Some thing can not be described......
Some moments can not be shared......
Some feelings can not be explained....
Some words can not be described.....
But.....nothing can be hidden from a true friend.
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Yeah we're tight, and yeah we fight,
But through all of it, there's one thing,
That will never change, we'll be friends forever.
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Friends are God's way of taking care of us."
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

A true friend is not the one who knows your mistake and judge you,instead he/she helps you to survive the worst,lift you when you down,wipe your tears when no one can,gives you a shoulder to cry on when you need one.A friend aways tells the truth when i am wrong or right, if i'm lost a friend knows how to retrieve me.Friend can bear my insult that i'm not aware off.Friend can forgive if i've done wrong.A friend always loves my presence.Between there's no lies.deciet,cheating,betraying or backstaping.
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Longest" is mother love,
"Shortest" is Others love,
"Sweetes" is lovers love.
But....."Strongest" is a friend's Love
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

What Kind Of Person A Friend Is?
A friend is a tissue when you can't stop crying
A friend is a shoulder when you feel like dying
A friend always listens when you have something to say
A friend is a week when you just need a day
A friend is a crutch when you have a broken heart
A friend is some glue when everything falls apart
A friend is a sun when the rain just won't stop
A friend is your mom when you run into a cop
A friend is a phone call when you can't leave your home
A friend is a hand when you feel all alone
A friend is a wing if you want to fly
A friend understands without knowing why
A friend is an ear for a secret to tell
A friend is an aspirin when your head hurts like hell
A friend is a love that can never let go
A friend is you, and I wanted you to know:
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Helllo freind,,,,,,I just want to inform all of u friend,,, that ,.,.,.In this selfish world nobody is sincere, whenever u find such friend pls pls pls never let him/her go,.,.,. Thanx
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

The best cosmetic for the lips is truth,
For the voice is prayers,
For the eyes is pity,
For the hands is charity
For the life is “Friendship”
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

What is a friend? A single
Soul dwelling in two bodies.
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Spell of FRIEND..
F..find ways 2 comfort u
R..remembers 2 pray 4 u
I..inspires u
E..enjoys life with someone like u
N..never 4 gets u
D..dat's me.
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

Every nice frind is a gift of god..
Its one of lifes best blessings,
A priceless gift that can never be bought,sold,or forgotten..
Just like you..
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

I would rather you hate me for who I am than love me for who I'm not"
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

There r lots of people around u
Some of them r important 4 u,
Out of these some people few r more important 4 u
And out of these few people
1 is most important 4 u
4 me that 1 is u my sweet friend.
~ Friendship SMS Text Message

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