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I took several years of dance lessons that included ballet, tap and jazz. They helped a great deal with body control, balance, a sense of rhythm, and timing. (Quote by - Lynn Swann)

It is better to lose everything you have to keep the balance of justice level, than to live a life of petty privilege devoid of true freedom. (Quote by - Bryant H. McGill)

If Wales win on the opening weekend, they could win the title but the loss of Colin Charvis is a big blow. It may tip the balance to England. (Quote by - Jonathan Davies)

So I try not to do press and if you can keep the balance of keeping a certain degree of anonymity and do interesting work then you can hope for a degree of career longevity. (Quote by - Charlie Hunnam)

The dedicated physician is constantly striving for a balance between personal, human values, scientific realities and the inevitabilities of God's will. (Quote by - David Allman)

Prosperity is no just scale; adversity is the only balance to weigh friends. (Quote by - Plutarch)

I definitely have found a balance. I've had so many offers in the past to do different movies or different things and I always choose tournaments over it. (Quote by - Serena Williams)

Food is an important part of a balanced diet. (Quote by - Fran Lebowitz)

Balance. The Ultimate Goal. (Quote by - Ricky Lankford)

But for 30 years, Orthodox leaders have tipped the balance between hawks and doves, and have been in a position to determine who forms a coalition and who runs the country. (Quote by - Amos Oz)

You know, the Democrats want to balance the budget by raising spending and raising taxes. The Soviet Union had a balanced budget. (Quote by - Tom DeLay)

The President so far has struck me as a man who is trying hard to keep his balance. He certainly has been very receptive to all my efforts in these directions. (Quote by - Henry L. Stimson)

Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away. (Quote by - Barbara De Angelis)

What is the essence of America? Finding and maintaining that perfect, delicate balance between freedom "to" and freedom "from." (Quote by - Marilyn vos Savant)

Short-story writing requires an exquisite sense of balance. Novelists, frankly, can get away with more. A novel can have a dull spot or two, because the reader has made a different commitment. (Quote by - Lynn Abbey)

The point is to balance on the edge between musicality and content. (Quote by - Rick Moody)

Back in those days, in the fifties and sixties, countries had balance of payment's deficits or surpluses, those were reflected much more than today in movements of reserves among countries. (Quote by - Robert C. Solomon)

Despite the encouraging and wonderful gains and the changes for women which have occurred in my lifetime, there is still room to advance and to promote correction of the remaining deficiencies and imbalances. (Quote by - Sandra Day O'Connor)

You are going in one second the length of a football field. That means you brain is receiving information from your body what the car is doing physically, bumping, balance, performance. (Quote by - Emerson Fittipaldi)

This hiatus coming up I'm looking at a comedy because I need the balance. (Quote by - Khandi Alexander)

The trick of making movies in this culture is how to not give up everything that makes them worthwhile in order to get them made - and that's a tricky balance. (Quote by - Alex Winter)

Bodies which contain a greater proportion of water than is necessary to balance the other elements, are speedily corrupted, and lose their virtues and properties. (Quote by - Marcus V. Pollio)

A great amount has been talked and written about what constitutes a sufficient balance and what really is meant by the concepts of "balance" and "deterrence". (Quote by - Alva Myrdal)

All audiences should be slightly off balance. (Quote by - Richard Thompson)

Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment. As you become successful, you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility, and commitment. (Quote by - H. Ross Perot)

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