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The ratio used to be 60-40, with 60 percent representing private patients and 40 percent charity. But lately, with costing for charity going up and our subsidy stuck at P150 million, it became 80-20, with indigents representing the 20 percent. (Quote by - Dr. Ludgerio Torres)

Prayer carries us half way to God, fasting brings us to the door of His palace, and alms-giving procures us admission. (Qutoe by - The Koran)

I am delighted to be involved in the digital divide campaign to ensure that every school is made aware of what steps it can take to address the digital divide as it affects local children, and provide a range of opportunities for ICT suppliers, government agencies, charities and other organisations to make a contribution. (Quote by - Estelle Morris)

I'm disappointed . . . that the president has not done more to demand that Congress and other federal agencies make the same sacrifices millions of Americans are already making. There is no charity without sacrifice. (Quote by - Tom Coburn)

While to the claims of charity a man may yield and yet be free, to the claims of conformity no man may yield and remain free at all. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

Order your soul; reduce your wants; live in charity; associate in Christian community; obey the laws; trust in Providence. (Quote by - Saint Augustine)

He is truly great who hath a great charity. (Qutoe by - Thomas a Kempis)

I open events for museums and I do charity work and photography. (Quote by - Bill Wyman)

In things essential, unity; in doubtful, liberty; in all things, charity. (Qutoe by - Thomas a Kempis)

How much of the proceeds actually reach the charities? A portion? After profits? A percentage? Many companies leave that deliberately vague. (Quote by - Trent Stamp)

We wanted to pick a charity that's obviously reputable and they do a lot of things for needy children. They have been real active in he community as far as helping underprivileged children. (Quote by - Tony Anderson)

Whenever I donate a hunting trip for the Children's Leukemia Foundation, Ronald McDonald Cancer House, all these children's charities, I offer the anti-hunters an opportunity: if you donate more to the children's charity than the hunters donate we won't go hunting. (Quote by - Ted Nugent)

Who would steal from Catholic Charities, a charity that supports the community?. (Quote by - Hoda Hanna)

Our last act of charity was with the vulture. That's the tradition that we have grown up to follow, and that tradition has come under threat. When you look at most cultures, the vulture's seen as a scavenger, in a very negative light, whereas to us the vulture's a religious bird because it's.. performing a religious service. (Quote by - Khojeste Mistree)

It's for charity, and we love it. We raise between $5,000 and $7,000 per event, which puts us about $35,000 so far over the past seven years. Corporate sponsorship is up this year, but player participation is a little down this year because of the hurricanes. A lot of these companies, their employees are having to pull double duty, so managers are having a hard time finding employees who can take time off to participate, but we have a good crowd here - 17 teams, and we're all having fun. (Quote by - Kevin Doucet)

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. (Qutoe by - Bible)

Charity sees the need, not the cause. (Quote by - German Proverb)

He was a close friend to me. Living in Manhattan, and not having a lot of understanding of that city, it was good to have a friend like him. He and his son Jonathan took my wife and me under their wing and showed us direction and gave us ways to be influential to other people through charities. Anything we ever needed, he was there for us. (Quote by - Tiki Barber)

Give no bounties: make equal laws: secure life and prosperity and you need not give alms. (Qutoe by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

This is a great opportunity for individuals to support charities that are in desperate need of the monies. This eliminates their federal and state tax liabilities. (Quote by - Frank Williams)

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven. (Qutoe by - Henry Ward Beecher)

Let them learn first to show pity at home. (Qutoe by - Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher)

We can point out problems to a charity, but we're not a service to charities. (Quote by - Daniel Borochoff)

Considering how much we are all given to discuss the characters of others, and discuss them often not in the strictest spirit of charity, it is singular how little we are inclined to think that others can speak ill-naturedly of us, and how angry and hurt we are when proof reaches us that they have done so. (Quote by - Anthony Trollope)

Now we have a much faster way to give to charity. (Quote by - Ma Zhongqi)

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