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All that matters on the Chessboard is good moves. (Quote by - Bobby Fischer)

We're always searching for the right hook. It never gets too complicated with us. It's checkers, not chess. (Quote by - Tyson Ritter)

Chess is the art of analysis. (Quote by - Mikhail Botvinnik)

No one ever won a game by resigning. (Quote by - Saviely Tartakower)

For me, Chess is life and every game is like a new life. Every Chess player gets to live many lives in one lifetime. (Quote by - Eduard Gufeld)

The London Stock Exchange is a critical piece on the chess board. So you have to put a big premium on the price. (Quote by - Doug Atkin)

I am the best player in the world and I am here to prove it. (Quote by - Bobby Fischer)

Sailing is like chess on the water. (Quote by - Dave Reynolds)

The passed Pawn is a criminal, who should be kept under lock and key. Mild measures, such as police surveillance, are not sufficient. (Quote by - Aaron Nimzovich)

I played Chess with him and would have beaten him sometimes only he always took back his last move, and ran the game out differently. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

In Chess, just as in life, today's bliss may be tomorrow's poison. (Quote by - Assaic)

Chess mastery essentially consists of analyzing Chess positions accurately. (Quote by - Mikhail Botvinnik)

Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the Chess player, not the Chess piece. (Quote by - Ralph Charell)

Chess was Capablanca's mother tongue. (Quote by - Reti)

There are many reasons to choose chess. It makes kids smart, it helps kids to focus. It helps them visualize what their opponent is going to play. They have to think ahead. (Quote by - Pam Hicks)

The hardest game to win is a won game. (Quote by - Emanuel Lasker)

At lunchtime the place is jumping, while at night the dining rooms could have been rented out for chess tournaments. (Quote by - Bryan Miller)

As one by one I mowed them down, my superiority soon became apparent. (Quote by - Jose Capablanca)

What would Chess be without silly mistakes? . (Quote by - Kurt Richter)

You have to be cool under pressure. You have to be a strategist like chess and you have to use geometry like billiards. (Quote by - Bill McBride)

I feel that my chess strengths are still here, .. I believe I can still improve. (Quote by - Garry Kasparov)

I prefer to lose a really good game than to win a bad one. (Quote by - David Levy)

Far be it from me to force anyone into either chess or dressage, but if you choose to do so yourself, in my opinion there is only one way: follow the rules. (Quote by - Lars von Trier)

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. (Quote by - Emo Philips)

Different people feel differently about resigning. (Quote by - Bobby Fischer)

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