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Even if ur sms is not
Coming, i think U are
Sending sms but its
Not delivered...
Even if U are not
Calling, i think u are
Trying but the network
Is blocked...
Even if U do not
Consider me as your
Friend, I think..., why i
Bothered? U R my
Friend till my death..
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Someone`s best friend is the guy you see when you look on a mirror
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Perhaps the most delightful friendships are those in which there is much agreement, much disputation, and yet more personal liking.
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

They colour our lives

Eyes speak more when a heart starts listening to someone silently and life seems to be more exiting when someone start reading ur eyes silently... Rakesh Gupta
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.Asked me u want a million dollar or a good frnd?I had 2 choose million dollars coz, I already have u...
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Friends are like mornings..u can,t ve them the whole day...but you ve to be sure that they will be there tomorrow..the next day..and the day after...hope u are not a morning..by ramah brahams
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Our "Frenship" is a crossed cheque of Rs HAPPY/- which v both have... When u feel upset and alone,withdraw it from my a/c. When u r too happy, deposit it in my a/c
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Friends r like colour pencils

No Need of Frndz, Boyfrndz Girlffrndz all r cheat meaningful u can trust them bt they always broke ur trust. And 4 them (girlfrnd boyfrnd frndz) u also lie from ur parentz 4 their sake.If they becom angry u always try ur best 2 convence them.4 them u also fight with ur parents 4 their sake u becom miserable with ur parentz. Y???Have u ever think wt a frnd can do 4 u and wt the parentz can do 4 u.when u never fulfill ur frndz request they become angry with u.U care 4 dem Bt those parentz who always pray 4 u scarifize their lives 4 u ... Nt only dat if u done a biggest mistake dey 4five u. Bt a frnd hnhnhn??Frndz never 4giv u n also leave u ??Think abt dat??? MY personal experience in dis world when v com v already got 2 worldz most most precious frndz bt v didnt care abt them n they always help us think n care abt us ALLAH AND UR PARENTZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Think abt dem till u hav time!! And then compare ur Frndz in reality i got no frnd just my bro mom dad and ALLAH.
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Freindship happens inside the heart, Slient.. Unwritten.. Unnbreakable by distance..Unchangeable by time.. Once a Friend, always a Freind.!
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Go SMS go to my sweet friend....
Go very Slowly ...
Don't Make Noise ..
If He is Busy..
Don't say anything, If he is free then....
Say with love "I Miss U
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

Any one can play these roles in his/her life:
Baby role: 0 to 3 years.
Child role: 3 to 15 years.
Young role: 15 to 25 years.
Parent role: 25 to 60 years.
Grand parent role: 60 to 100 years.
Everyone can play the one and only role for lifelong is FRIEND role.
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

U mak 10frnds,laugh wid9,meet8 of dem,,tlk to 7, celbrate wid6,share secrets wid 5,,trust4,,cry wid 3,,take help of2...bt dnt 4get 1 dats me.................
~ Best Friends SMS Text Message

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