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"24 Sweet hours make 1 Sweet day"!
"7 Sweet days make 1 Sweet week"!
"4 Sweet week make 1 Sweet month"!
But... " 1 sweet person like "U" makes entire life sweet! Avi
~ Cute SMS Text Message

"care is the sweetest form of love so when any one say 'Take care'its as good as saying"i"ll keep u in my heart till its very last beat"So Take care:
~ Cute SMS Text Message

"I TRUST U" is a better compliment than "I LOVE U" because you may not always trust the person you love but u can always love the person you trust
~ Cute SMS Text Message

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead."
~ Cute SMS Text Message

("v") ("v") ("v")
'V' 'v' 'v'
("v") ("v") ("v")
'V' 'v' 'v'
("v") ("v") ("v")
'V' 'v' 'v'
I love YOU !!!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

((LOVE))Love is not to say,
But to understand.
Love is not to show,
But to feel inside.
Love is not to find faults,
But to make the best.
Love is not to demand,
But to sacrifice.
Love is not to hurt,
But to take care of.
Love is not blind,
But it doesn't need to see.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

See this dot,
It means A lot,
It also means,(copyright www.lovelysms.com)
4get Me not..............!!!!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

...........TO MY...................
......OUR LOVE IS A DEEP.........
........AS THE ACEAN.............
....AS HIGH AS THE STARS........
,,,,,,,,,AS SPECIAL,,,,,,,,,,,,
.,.,.,.,.AS THE SKY.,.,.,.,.,..
~ Cute SMS Text Message

...i love thee i love thee ..its all that i can say..it is my vision in the night.. My dreaming in the day.. The very echo of my heart..the blessing when i pray .i love thee i love thee its all that i can say....
~ Cute SMS Text Message

\ ! /
-( o )- Day
/ ! \

+ + +
+ *)+ Night
+ + +

,,,, Rain

Any time
Any where u'll b in
My Prayers
~ Cute SMS Text Message

0% I hate U,10% so nice U, 20% so cute U, 30% so kind U, 40% need of U, 50% found of U, 60% my ideal U, 70% I want U, 80% I miss U, 90% I like U, 100% I love U every time
~ Cute SMS Text Message

1 day u will ask me: What is more important 2 u, Me or your life?
I will say: My liife.
U will walk away from me without knowing that YOU ARE MY LIFE...
~ Cute SMS Text Message

1+1= 2eyes "LOOK AT U"
12+12= 24 Hours "THINKING ABOUT U"
3+4= 7 Days "MISSING" Copyright www.lovelysms.com
11+1= 12 Month "NEED A SWEET HEART LIKE U"
~ Cute SMS Text Message

1000 words 1 cood say.1000 wishes 1 cood pray.1000 miles legs cood walk.1000 sounds a mouth cood talk.1000 times ill b true.1000 ways 2 say i luv u!
~ Cute SMS Text Message

1000 words I could say,
1000 wishes I could pray,
1000 miles legs could walk,
1000 sounds a mouth could talk,
1000 times i'll b true,
1000 ways 2 say i luv u!..
~ Cute SMS Text Message

Ad each row with EACH OTHER, what ever the TOTAL comes, That much HOW I NEED U,I THINK ABOUT U, n I LOVE U...!!!N HOPE U FEEL THE SAME..
~ Cute SMS Text Message

2 b loved is da bst,
2 fall in love is a curse.
2 b alne is unbearable,#2 fnd ur true love is a dream,
2 b aprt frm ur love is painful,
2 lose da 1 u love is death.
~ Cute SMS Text Message

2 GOOD 2 BE TRUE They say sugar is sweet N honey is 2, but baby wat do I call U? U R sexier than sexy N hotter than that 2! Therez only 1 name 4 U and it is '2
~ Cute SMS Text Message

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