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bad life choise

i like bad relationships. ones where there's suspicion and paranoia. and i found a good girl. im rele rele trying to be the best i can. but i keep thinking back to ex gfs. my current isn't risky enough. no excitement. i wanna get back with my ex rele bad and i feel horrible about it.

I forgot him

I was friends with him for months. we dated for a month. it ended. i don't know how i feel. but one thing is for sure. sometimes i forget we were even together until i see a picture or him, or i think of how much money i spent that day. i am not sure if i miss him or the time wasted. its sad but true. i realize he was nothing to me, just something to keep me more busy. maybe that's what he figured out and broke it off. I never meant to hurt him, he was just to hard up. but again i forget we were together....is that bad?

I Lied.. for five years.

I was best friends with a girl for five years because all i wanted to do was be romantic with her. We ended up dating, then i realized i hated her. We don't talk now. Five years is a long time to waste on something so dumb.

General Religion

I enjoy hearing about the deaths of idiots from "faith healing" congregations of the world, if their death is caused by treatable illnesses. Hey, there needs to be some method of ridding the worlds of stupid people. Get em young before they can breed! That's what I say. I'm being serious. My confession is, I know religion is the worst disease this world has to offer. The end.

I despair.

I'm failing my degree at quite a good university, through laziness. In my year, I've cheated with my best mate's girlfriend, I've taken a lot of money from people in drinks and gifts without returning the favour as I'm poor, and worse still I'm living with a group of people who at first seemed wicked to live with, but now seem really boring, forcing conversations about poetry to make themselves feel more intelligent. My mother is yelling at me to get a job, my music career is heading nowhere, and I've been single since a girl broke my heart almost 2 years ago. Lame.

Ms. Myra

I really like this girl. I know she had a lot of past with a couple of guys I know and one that I consider to be one of my good friends. He now has a son with another woman and they seem to be apart but I thought I'd make a move. All seemed well and she stayed over several nights but tonight she totally blew me off to be with him. I cannot explain how pissed I am because she said we were good getting better but then pulls this stuff; and as if I wouldnt find out. Damn it.


I cannot poo anywhere but my own home its hard enough peeing somewhere else but about a year ago i went with my friend to Disneyland for spring break.....i didnt poo for 5 days straight. on the sixth day i went into an employee only bathrrom and pooed, we'll just say that the "small world" was very easily gassed

I hate bullies

I despise people who push me around or push others around. In my opinion, people who violate the rights of others are less than human. I act as though they don't bother me, but I truly hate them. I believe they are inferior human beings.

I hate Skye

I hate Skye and all those jerks I went to high school with. In 3 years time it will be our 10 year high school reunion. I hope that they are all fat, ugly and in low paying dead end jobs. And that by then I am successful and beautiful and married to a great, intellegent, wealthy man who has made some awesome scientific discovery that has changed mankind for the better. Better yet, I hope I made the discovery...we can both make discoveries. I'll settle for happy, successful and beautiful though.

I eat...

I eat things off the floor :)

I don't think

I don't think that anyone really likes me. They just deal with me.


at work i like to steal other peoples food from the fridges. it got so bad that human resources printed out a page to hand around the building stating to watch out for a food theif. i still continued to steal peoples food. i also have a real obsession with stealing things from locker rooms, anything i can find that whether it be clothes or money. i also pooped in the shower once when i got real bad tummy cramps. didnt smell too good.

Forbidden Patsy

Although I make fun of your taste in music, I listen to your Patsy Cline records when you're not around. Love, R.


Sometimes I'll dress up like a girl and go into chatrooms with my cam on. Some guys start pming me and I play with them until I finally reveal I'm a man and they get disgusted and ashamed. I think it's really fun.

I'm sorry

I am the worst piece of dirt in the world. If I died right now, I would most likely go to hell. I am so so sorry.

Married the Wrong Man

It's near my 3rd wedding anniversary, and my daughters 2nd birthday, and I still think I married the wrong man. I loved someone else for 5 years before I met my now husband, and when my first love got shipped overseas I decided he was never coming back and I better marry my bf before he finds someone better than me. My first love did come back, and I still think about him everyday. The worst part is, I dont really feel guilty about it, I just hope my husband doesnt ever realize he was my 2nd choice, not my first.

i hate bigots

i'm glad California lifted the ban on same-sex marriages because i know that it pisses off the bible thumpers, such as my ex's parents. i'm glad i don't have to deal with them anymore.

Though I love my fiance, I still like this other guy I've grown fond of over the Internet

I've been with my fiance for over 3 years. We are best friends. But because that was my first relationship I never got to fall in love or be swooned by other guys and so forth. While playing an MMO I got to become really good friends with this guy, he seems... really fun, and have interesting stuff to say! I get a lot of enjoyment logging on everynight and talking to him rather then my boyfriend... we don't really say much to each other, or have anything worthy to talk about for the past year or so...I had a confession from him saying that if I wasn't attached to my boyfriend he would have hit on me! I blushed, alot! I can't really stop thinking about this, but I know in all honesty... in my current situation where he's in the States and I'm half way across the world... it would never really work. Plus I've never seen what he looks like... nor has he...