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Animal Abuse

As a former vegetarian I feel ashamed to say I've taken out my aggression on my family's pet when it urinates in the house... for some reason punishing that dog brings out the darkest side of me. I've strangled it and beaten it badly. I realize how terrible these acts are and I know this effects my karma in the most awful kind of way. I pray for forgiveness and will from now on try to treat it with the respect it deserves as one of God's own.

I once placed

I once placed keyloggers on the computers at my college. Then I got everything everyone typed sent to me via FTP. I found one girls credit card info and spent $300 on everquest stuff, mostly platinum. I don't feel bad about it at all. It's been a year and I haven't been caught.

i'm waiting for

i'm waiting for my grandfather to pass so that i will inherit all his money

revenge is sweet

I once ran in to an old girlfriend who dumped me days before my junior prom. I was shattered. My friends weere going and at the time it appeared I was not. Months later I ran in to the dumper who was working at a McDonalds tending the register. I ordered a large Coke --- "with no lid" When she gave me the coke I poured it over her head. To say she was pissed would be an understatement. As the coke was dripping down her face, back, chest, etc, I hm sure I had the look of delight on my chops. She muttered something and left her register. The sweetest part of the story was I told the replacement cashier I spilled my coke and she gave me a new one. I felt a sense of vindication like I have never felt since.