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If you're sitting with a customer hoping to do a $5 million deal, you might discover the customer is already in the hole to McKesson for $20 million and 120 days. The flip side is if you are presenting to a division of a large customer and the deal doesn't look like it's terribly much. Then you see that customer does lots of business overall with McKesson. It makes all the difference. (Quote by - Stephen Zander)

Customers choose Quantum for their product innovation, the superior value they provide, and their outstanding customer support. Quantum is making it easy for customers to integrate security into their backup process. We look forward to working together to help our customers achieve success. (Quote by - Kevin Brown)

Men commonly think according to their inclinations, speak according to their learning and imbibed opinions, but generally act according to custom. (Quote by - Francis Bacon)

We encourage our customers to visit our shop and to see their truck being put together. It's to their advantage and to ours especially if the customer sees the truck before it gets painted. There's not a lot we can do once the paint goes on. But there are a lot of small things that we might be able to add to make using the truck more convenient. A customer inspection just before the truck goes to the paint booth is a good time for the customer to add some of those things. (Quote by - Ken May)

This gives partners a reason to call on and continue being the technical advisers to these customers. Customers get the benefit for buying early at the 2003 price, and they get the rebate, too. Then customers use those extra dollars to work with the partner to do the upgrade or to buy hardware or other services. (Quote by - Margo Day)

I think AOL has been hammered a lot because of concerns about free (Internet) service, about their slowing growth internationally and a few other issues including broadband, .. But you can't argue with 18 million customers. And of course their customer turnover rate has never been (lower). So, the company is holding to their customers longer, they have a much larger base. I think (Chief Executive Officer) Steve Case will find a way to make it through these issues. (Quote by - Alan Braverman)

Big box just wasn't our strength. We are a men's and boy's specialty store focused on providing high quality clothing with custom tailoring. Our customer is king. When we had seven stores, communication between the stores and with our customers became more disconnected. We started to lose that great family 'camaraderie' that is essentially the key to our success. (Quote by - Paul Simon)

Customer is the king and kings do t behave like beggars. (Quote by - Madhawa Perera)

Have a place for everything and keep the thing somewhere else; this is not advice, it is merely custom. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

As a company we are committed to extending our industry leadership in Support Services by providing outstanding customer support. Our global support infrastructure gives us the power to deliver industry-leading support to help customers succeed. The global certification recognizes Oracle as an industry benchmark for delivering high-quality customer support and an outstanding customer experience anywhere in the world. (Quote by - Juergen Rottler)

United is committed to being an industry leader in customer satisfaction among frequent business travelers. Sean looks at our business through the eyes of our customers, and under his leadership, we will continue to create the experiences we expect for our customers throughout their journeys, develop products to meet their needs, and improve customer satisfaction. (Quote by - Dennis Cary)

Typically, self-service technologies provide very limited visibility into what customers are truly seeking; and more ineptly, search-based tools do not provide insight into the level of satisfaction achieved by the tool. The ASA differs by capturing each and every customer query, providing a real-time snapshot of customer concerns and offering advanced tools for the analysis and management of interactions. The result is not only improved performance to tens of thousands of self service support sessions each day, but a happier and more satisfied customer. (Quote by - Stephen Klein)

We have been working with customers for over 10 years implementing automated supply chain management techniques. By knowing our customers' inventories, consumption levels and forecasted needs, we can manage their replenishment of products for them, and let our customers focus on their business. It's convenient and the benefits to customers include significantly lower operational expenditures as well as increased service levels. (Quote by - Tom Ward)

As a managed service provider, we focus on customer availability throughout high demand periods. We spend time with each of our customers forecasting peak loads and attempt to accommodate as deemed necessary. For some customers it's just a matter of flexible bandwidth coverage for peak events while other customers require more grid related environments. It is not unusual for us to cluster robust hardware, software, security and balanced environments specifically geared towards the high demand. (Quote by - Chris Hanks)

It's our goal to be our customers' first choice for home improvement, and we are very pleased that our efforts are reflected positively in this year's customer satisfaction index. These results are consistent with positive feedback we're getting from customers in our own internal research. (Quote by - Jennifer Smith)

A few years ago, we launched a campaign that dovetailed with the latest Batman movie release. It was fun and cool, but it didn't drive real world relevance to our customers. The idea to use actual customer tapes came from our dealers and customers-they asked us to share their stories. (Quote by - Terry Sullivan)

Front Porch Digital has won the trust of the world's leading broadcasters because we back best-of-breed products with exceptional customer service. These new offices enhance our capabilities to support the many large and mission-critical archive customers we have and will add in these important markets. We will continue to enhance our deep expertise in sales engineering, delivery and support as we grow, and our high customer satisfaction scores validate this strategy. (Quote by - Rino Petricola)

Marketers are better in market themselves to the management then market the products to the customers. (Quote by - Madhawa Perera)

The idea was to leverage customer involvement in the Web site and use it as a marketing tool. Most recent surveys say customers are very interested in what other online shoppers have to say. They trust the voice of other customers more than they trust the retailer or manufacturer. (Quote by - John Lazarchic)

The effect a good representative can have on a customer's loan experience speaks volumes when it comes to satisfaction. The process of securing an equity loan can be complicated, so the loan officer can be seen as the 'saving grace' by a customer whose loan process has experienced some bumps in the road. We find that a representative who is courteous, friendly and keeps the customer well informed throughout the process can have a major impact on how the customer views the lending firm as a whole. (Quote by - Jeremy Bowler)

Take the course opposite to custom and you will almost always do well. (Quote by - Jean Jacques Rousseau)

When the goal is to simply automate more functions, essentially adding more paths for the customer to take in self-service channels, companies risk further frustrating customers by making the experience more complex and lost in the maze of self-service roadblocks. By looking at particular customer segments and what self-service options that segment needs [and] wants before adding them, leading companies consistently get a much higher usage of that particular function and greater satisfaction from the customer. (Quote by - Robert Wollan)

Even with those advances most manufacturers are not making a great deal of money and customers aren't happy, .. Lean consumption involves solving customers' problems completely, not wasting their time, providing exactly what the customer wants, in a location they prefer and a timeframe they need. And finally it is helping customers reduce efforts to solve their own set of problems. (Quote by - James Womack)

Year after year, Brink's Home Security delivers a consistent, positive experience to customers through its call center operations. Brink's demonstrates a remarkably solid commitment to the satisfaction of their customers. Brink's customers give high ratings for their interactions with the customer service representatives and are particularly pleased with the timely resolution of problems and the convenience of service hours. (Quote by - Steve Kirkeby)

Custom meets us at the cradle and leaves us only at the tomb. (Quote by - Robert Green Ingersoll)

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