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Relativity Quotes
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Suppose you're 15 and you're part of the Family in India but you want out. You say you have relatives in the United States but no way to get to them well, we'll get you a plane ticket. (Quote by - Daniel Roselle)

Malpractice climate is one of many determinants of the physician work force, which accounts for its relatively modest impact in our study. (Quote by - Daniel Kessler)

While used for commercial operation, the slot machines pose great attraction, especially to teenagers who are relatively weak in self-control and more easily addicted to gambling machines. (Quote by - Zhang Guangqi)

We do some marketing to bring people in. But it's mostly friends of friends or relatives or members' children who are 21 or over. (Quote by - Chuck Kolner)

In 1905 Albert discovered Relativity, in 1906 he invented Rock and Roll. (Quote by - Yahoo Serious)

All of my relatives played up in Pennsylvania. I enjoy all the different aspects of the game. It has hitting like football, running and picks like basketball, and it's like hockey with the formations of the game. (Quote by - Sean Daly)

The relatives don't know they come here every week, (Quote by - Salvation Army)

I expect it to be a relatively low scoring series, if we can keep the scores around the same as last year we should do fine. It's going to be who makes the fewest mistakes and who is going to be able to run their offense by getting their lead-off man on. (Quote by - Stan Hyman)

The rich never have to seek out their relatives (Quote by - Italian Proverb)

House prices are likely to remain relatively flat for an extended period, (Quote by - Howard Archer)

It's getting real cheap relative to other fuels. (Quote by - Bruno Stanziale)

Size is definitely relative. If you're bigger, they can see you easier. (Quote by - Chan Gailey)

Fears that production will be cut at a time of relative tightness has pushed the price higher. (Quote by - Daniel Hynes)

People here are really wedded culturally and emotionally to very rich plan designs relative to what you see in different parts of the country. They are just more expensive. (Quote by - Charles Baker)

I have a theory of relatives, too. Don't hire 'em. (Quote by - Jack L. Warner)

There are people who have suffered unbelievable trauma. There are people who have seen their own relatives being killed. There are people who have survived horrendous attacks. (Quote by - Sidney Jones)

We're relatively new with it. We're not totally used to the spacing and the shape. She's the unifying factor in making sure everything is covered. (Quote by - Susan Peel)

Indians look at adoption differently. Once you're adopted you have all kinds of relatives. They look at family as a whole. (Quote by - Paul Burke)

The goal of ensuring Chinese people a relatively comfortable life would not be achieved if we had 400 million more people. (Quote by - Zhang Weiqing)

My son went to the local authorities to ask if we could get permission to meet my relatives but they are mum. They have been telling him to come the next day. I still do not know if they will let us go. (Quote by - Ghulam Qadir)

Even though we had a wet March and April, since it was relatively dry at the beginning of the year, we're just about normal for the season. (Quote by - Carlos Molina)

As our closest relatives, they (chimpanzees) tell us special things about what it means to be a primate and, ultimately, what it means to be a human at the DNA level. (Quote by - Francis Collins)

The relative size of the mining sector is dwarfed by the contribution of the finance, real estate and business service sector's 19,5%. (Quote by - Colen Garrow)

I would characterize March as a relatively good performance in the equity markets. (Quote by - Daniel Morgan)

Despite this lawsuit, they'll satisfy that niche again relatively soon. (Quote by - Dan Kusnetzky)

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