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The tax burden among income groups has been relatively unchanged. (Quote by - Dan Mitchell)

Arab descendants normally discuss the immigration of their relatives to Brazil: where they came from and what they started working as. (Quote by - Carlos Tebecherani Haddad)

As a relatively new and emerging form of entertainment, it is crucial that we start to explore just what makes games work. (Quote by - David Giles)

Inventory is a big factor. Total primary inventories increased, but the gap explained by inventory changes is relatively small -- the key main driver is a drop in demand for heavy fuels. (Quote by - Yan Kefeng)

Forget the interpretations of recession. We're still talking about a relatively stretched economy. There is no justification for the Reserve Bank to abandon the firm interest- rate outlook. (Quote by - Craig Ebert)

It means treasury, but it is just a place where words congregate with their relatives, a big park where hundreds of family reunions are always being held. (Quote by - William Collins)

Relatives cannot help you in the studios," she says. "You stand or fall by your own efforts. (Quote by - Glynis Johns)

We're going to be entering a period of relative balance between buyers and sellers. We're going from a sellers' market to a balanced market. (Quote by - Walter Molony)

Actually, there is a relatively low number of stock available. (Quote by - Steve Weinstein)

Being generous, just helping one's relatives and being blameless in one's actions; this is the best good luck. (Quote by - Buddha)

Microsoft has been relatively less able over time, to persuade their installed base to make the switch. People are just happy with what they have already. (Quote by - Chris Le Tocq)

Some of them will be with Meow Mix employees and their friends and relatives. But we're also expecting a lot of regular New Yorkers to stop by. (Quote by - Ira Cohen)

This report tells people outside the agricultural sector what the relative pay of their region is. (Quote by - Charlotte Yee)

Our work shows that even major morphological changes are controlled by relatively simple mechanisms. (Quote by - David Kingsley)

We get permission from relatives to see victims in accidents caused by alcohol. (Quote by - Carla Granstrom)

Investors are likely to be relieved, as well, by the relatively limited capital commitments imposed by such a strategy. (Quote by - Craig Moffett)

In the last couple of months, things have been relatively stable. (Quote by - Stephen Baker)

Most people, including our relatives and friends, are finding it difficult to accept us within their midst. The Liberian people must accept us as they accept others with different illnesses. (Quote by - Saa Howard)

They've had an up-and-down year and had some bad losses. We have to select the field relative to the rest of the country and take everything into consideration. (Quote by - Brent Amick)

There was a relatively fierce firefight to get across the bridge. (Quote by - Scott Nelson)

The risk is relatively low. About 99% percent of women exposed to one of these medications during the latter half of pregnancy will deliver an infant unaffected by PPHN. (Quote by - Christina Chambers)

It's a relatively small number, so it's not a huge expense. (Quote by - David Snowden)

All the initiative races need a lot of money, and there's a relatively small number of contributors. There is a bottom to the well. (Quote by - Darry Sragow)

It seems that foreign selling, partly spurred by relatively expensive Japanese shares, has peaked out. (Quote by - Hideo Mizutani)

The whole visible universe is but a storehouse of images and signs to which the imagination will give a relative place and value; it is a sort of pasture which the imagination must digest and transform. (Quote by - Charles Baudelaire)

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