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God often uses small matches to light up great torches and
No matter how small you feel in this world,
He has something big instore for you.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

My day won't certainly be over for i have something left to do.
I just couldn't sleep yet without saying i love you.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Sometimes we put walls around our heart,
Not just to be safe from getting hurt,
But to find out who cares, enough to break them down...
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Regretting over yesterday and
Fear of tomorrow are the two thieves
Which steal our present.. Live for today..
Life will be beautiful..!
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Morning is god's way of saying '1 more time...
Go, live life, make a difference, touch ones heart,
Encourage 1's mind, inspire 1's soul & enjoy d day...' 1 more time
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Angels are there to guide and protect you in whatever you'll do.
Tonight, they'll take you to a place where your dreams can come true.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

If u cry at a trouble, it grows double,
If u laugh at a trouble, it disappears like a bubble.
So always face all your problems with a smile.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

I've learned that you'll never be disappointed
If you always keep an eye on uncharted territory,
Where you'll be challenged and growing and having fun.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Having a good laugh with friends stimulates endorphins,
The brain's natural painkillers.
So if you need to laugh and you can't find a friend,
I can lend you a mirror.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Be a person full of love and life,
Stay simple and be happy.
When things go wrong don't go blue.
Just pray and say i will get through.
Always remember god loves you!
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Wen god leaves u at d edge of a cliff,
Trust him! One of d 2 things vl happen!
Either he'll catch u wen u fall..
Or he'll teach u how to fly!!
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand alson like a tree,
F you fall on the ground, fall as seed that grows back to fight again
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

What matter is not to add years to your life but to add life to your years.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Love doesn't sit there like a stone, it has to be made,
Like bread: remade all the time, made new. - og mandino
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Always welcome a new day with a smile on ur lips,
Luv in ur heart & gud thoughts in ur mind and
U'll always have a wonderful day.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

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