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In times of difficulty some ppl breakdown....
Some ppl break records....
Leaders r born in difficulty not in comfort zones.....!!!
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Every thing is good to you if you see good.
Every day is better to you if you feel good
Every task is best to you if you do good.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Its not the possession of good things which bring happiness
It is the ability to enjoy what comes.
Happiness is an aptitude.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

I hope i have encouraged people in business to
Expand the way they make sense of human behavior. - Malcolm Gladwell
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

A brand for a company is like
A reputation for a person.
You earn reputation by trying
To do hard things well. - Jeff Bezos
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

If colombus had turned back,
No one would have blamed him.
Of course no one would have remembered him as well.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Lucky people get opportunities brave people create opportunities and
Winners r those whoconverts problems into opportunities
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

A real friend not only goes with u anywhere u go,
But also remembers u no matter how busy they are,
And takes the time to say.... Hi friend!!!
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Every time you suppress some part of
Yourself or allow others to play you small,
You are in essence ignoring the owner's manual your
Creator gave you and destroying your design. - Oprah Winfrey
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

If people never did silly things,
Nothing intelligent would ever get done.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

If someone points out your mistake,
Be happy that at least someone is
Interested in what you have done …
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

If you fill your heart with regrets of
Yesterday and the worries of tomorrow,
You have no today to be thankful for.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Nothing is impossible,
If you plan,
Pay efforts.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

As far as u think 'not now',
Succes bcoms 'never'..
But as soon as u think 'why not now',
Success surely will become 'yours'.!
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Problems are just the distance between expection & reality.
Either expect less and accept reality r expect a lot and change it into realty.
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

Quality of humor doesnt depend on how funny or how corny our jokes mayb,
But w/ d principal objective of spreading joy in your smile,
In your mind, & in your heart
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

I found the secret of success in my room
The roof said - aim high
The fan said - be cool
The window said - take pains
The clock said - every minute is precious
The mirror said - reflect before you act
The calander said - be upto date
The door said - push...and
The lamp said - light the way for your future
~ Encourage SMS Text Message

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