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We found them to be very culturally flexible, but even to the point of helping a client down a path that is not ideal. This is a little different from U.S. providers. (Quote by - Christopher Cartwright)

If you think aficionados of a living Constitution want to bring you flexibility, think again. You think the death penalty is a good idea? Persuade your fellow citizens to adopt it. You want a right to abortion? Persuade your fellow citizens and enact it. That's flexibility. (Quote by - Antonin Scalia)

In the long run, I can't exclude cuts. But we have a high degree of flexibility and employ temporary workers to adjust to changes in demand. (Quote by - Andreas Renschler)

There's a flexibility there now to do whatever fits [the situation] best. (Quote by - Cisco Systems)

We have flexible plans for every type of golf course traffic volume and management situation. (Quote by - Dave Hodgson)

The monies that the president needs to fight the war are being given to him, .. We'll give him some flexibility, but we're still holding on to the strings of the purse. (Quote by - Tom DeLay)

The site is designed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use. This next generation of web-based risk management offers significant advantages such as self registration, faster, smarter training modules and more frequent updates that truly make it state of the art. (Quote by - Carrie Brodzinski)

He's got incredible flexibility, the flexibility of a gymnast. (Quote by - Andy O'Brien)

The solution will provide greater flexibility in creating new subscriber services, enhanced capabilities for subscriber provisioning, and increased savings in operational costs. (Quote by - Christian Fredrikson)

Flexibility. It is supposed to be fun. (Quote by - George Stovall)

Cell phone and other battery-powered device manufacturers are always trying to give their customers as much flexibility as possible. Since the AAT3685 can be programmed for two separate constant current charge levels up to 1 amp, users can now charge their device from either an AC source or any USB port without compromising their fast charge rate. (Quote by - Bill Weiss)

The agency has to have some flexibility in terms of administration, .. The waiver is approved. It's a done deal. (Quote by - Alan Levine)

The goodwill we hope from them is to show some flexibility in cargo and passenger charters so we can make some progress on that front as soon as possible. (Quote by - David Huang)

These units offer a very high specification and are great to look at. Their ultimate flexibility will make them highly attractive to a very wide cross-section of the business population. (Quote by - David Waugh)

Our cap flexibility is what allowed us to get these two players as part of this deal. We were able to acquire two young, quality players while only giving up the rights to a player who has never appeared in a Hornets uniform. (Quote by - Allan Bristow)

There is scope to do more, .. a favorable environment to allow greater exchange rate flexibility. (Quote by - David Burton)

Matt is a solid left-handed hitter and base stealer who will provide us with depth and flexibility. He can help us in a variety of roles, including the ability to play all three outfield positions. (Quote by - Bill Bavasi)

We're not asking for special favors. We just want the same thing that we give our Chinese partner -- a flexible currency, market access and intellectual property rights protection. (Quote by - Frank Vargo)

In uncertain markets, Alcatel's success will hinge on operating flexibility.. considerable streamlining is underway at Alcatel to improve flexibility and realign its internal cost structure to the current business slowdown. (Quote by - Serge Tchuruk)

This is not a bailout, .. This is not taxpayer money. This is providing the company the flexibility they need to meet their obligations and therefore protect the taxpayers. (Quote by - Tom Price)

There is an emerging opportunity for commerce on the web and this agreement allows Yahoo! flexibility in aggressively pursuing this opportunity while retaining 100 percent of the financial benefit of Yahoo! shareholders. (Quote by - Tim Koogle)

Flexibility does not necessarily equate to great pay. (Quote by - Dr. Pat Hedberg)

There needs to be some talking and we need to find some flexibility on this issue. (Quote by - Sepp Blatter)

Flexibility makes all the sense in the world (and Bush's proposal) has all the right-sounding words, .. will be strongly opposed. (Quote by - Thomas Kochan)

The Europeans need to show real flexibility on market access, .. We came here for a discussion basically on agriculture. (Quote by - Celso Amorim)

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