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Life never leaves u
It always replaces
Evrything u lost
If it asks u to put
Sumthing down,
It's b'coz
It wants u to
Pick up sumthing
Better ...
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

A collection of rare thoughts is nothing less than a cabinet of intellectual gems.- william b. Sprague
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Life laughs at u whn ur unhappy
Life smiles at u whn ur happy...,
Life salutes u whn u make others happy...!!!
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

If you follow no other truth, follow the truth that within your being is called joy. If you follow that, you're always going to be right where you need to be, and you will always have life within your being."
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

It was through the feeling of wonder that men now and at first began to philosophize.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties,
You alter yourself to meet them.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

We must move
Asking god to take care
Of the things that are
Breaking our hearts,
Praying about
The things that are
Breaking his heart .
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

People thinks
War is a competition
Weapons, people,
Forces or nation,
But its a battle of
Prayers before God
Between our mothers
Thier mothers.
The question is,
Whose son will come
Back with
Flag in his hands
And whose son come
Back with
Flag cover his body.
I was told at my birth that
I dont belong to my parents..
My destiny, my dreams
Belong only
“lets unite in the war against india”
“pakistan zindabad”
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Face challenges confidently . . . Think
If i cannot, who can . . .
After winning b humble enuf to say
I can, who cannot . . .
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

When you and i meet,
And greet-
Even if, to part;
To meet again,
Further down the hall!
And that, you see,
Is just that!
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Hopefully u will find a common faith theme of inspiration nd words ov wisdom tht ll inspire u.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Deep down you know you can be remarkable. You shouldn't settle for anything less than your best self, reaching ever closer to your potential--whether as a leader or in any other part of your life."
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

The future belongs to those
Who believe in
The beauty of their dreams.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Easy vs difficult
Easy is to judge the mistakes of others,
Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes
Easy is to hurt someone who loves you,
Difficult is to heal the wound
Easy is to set rules,
Difficult is to follow them
Easy is to dream every night,
Difficult is to fight for a dream
Easy is to say we love,
Difficult is to show it every day
Easy is to make mistakes,
Difficult is to learn from them...
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

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