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There is no end.
There is no beginning.
There is only the
Infinite passion of life.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Never speak
Out of anger ,
Never act
Out of fear ,
Never choose
From impatience ,
But wait
Peace will
Appear ...
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

The test of courage comes when we are in the minority.
The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

The great success mantra ,
"i m not in competition with anybody
But myself.
My goal is to beat
My last performance"
-bill gates.!
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Billboard on the side of the road:
"keep your eyes on the road
And stop reading these boards"...!
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

The sweetest music is not in the oratorio
But in the human voice when
It speaks from its instant life tones of tenderness, truth or courage =)
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece.
I challenge you to join the ranks of
Those people who live what they teach,
Who walk their talk.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

I have not failed.
I've just found 10,000
Ways that
Won't work-
Thomas alva edison
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

It is delightful to transport one's self into the spirit of the past, to see how a wise man has thought before us, and to what glorious height we have at last reached. - johann wolfgang von goethe
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

When thomas edison invented the light bulb,
He tried over 2,000 experiments before
He got it to work.

Is d enemy of efficiency,
Is the enemy of utilisation.
So don't delay anything &
Don't wait 4 anything
-bill gates
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

It is better to cry than to be angry,
Because anger hurts others while
Tears flow silently thru the soul and
Cleanses the heart..
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

Men marry women with the hope they will never change.
Women marry men with the hope they will change.
Invaribly they are both disappointed.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

1)if ur heart obeys ur mind u will rule the world...
2)if ur mind obeys ur heart u will win the love of the world.....
Wat wil u prefer to be the king of the world(1)
Or to be loved by all (2)
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

One man cried when
He had no shoes,
But he stopped crying when
He saw a man without legs.
Life is full of blessings,
Always try to understand it.
~ Inspirational SMS Text Message

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