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  Friends Teasing SMS

This section contains Friends Teasing SMS

2day i have not sent sms 2 anybody except u.
2day i have not thought about anybody except u.
Because my policy is "One day one fool….."
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

Best friends are like a pair of scissors….
Joint togather
Offen go in opposite directions,
But they give punishment to those who come in between them
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

Not every flower can represent love but roses did it. Not every tree can stand thirst, but cactus did it. Not every monkey can read sms but hey you just did! Enjoy your day, and dont forget to smile!
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

31st march or 1st april
Fool is fool dosnt matter.
Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful
Fool day to the king of fools
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

If i was a painter u would be my painting.
If i was an author, u would be my story.
If i was a poet, u would be my poem.
But unfortunately i am a cartoonist !
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

You are one of the most cute persons in the world!!
Just a second, don’t misunderstand.
Cute means:
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

This message was sent exclusively for the handsome and the beautiful.
We have obviously sent it to the wrong number.
We are truly sorry for the inconvenience.
~ Friends Teasing SMS Text Message

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