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Break In...NOT!
Me and my sister were home alone on april fools and desided to prank my grandparents. We called them and I dropped my shoe on the ground and my sister screamed at my grandparents on the phone that someone broke in. We hung up and laughed about it. Then I decided that it was a little mean so we called back but no one answered. 5 minutes later cops, and an ambulence arrived at our house. Turns out they took our joke seriously. Good thing we didnt get in trouble with the police. We just got a lecture and a months grounding.Oops!
Last Day of Work
One of my former co-workers was employed by a supermarket. So, on his last night, a bunch of us that still worked there put shaving cream, plastic wrap, and used car spray paint all over his truck. He saw it and laughed. We ended up getting written up, but it was still funny!
Okaii, well i was graduating from high school and it was the last day so my class and me decided to play a prank. We all got together and bought 3 chickens. We numbered them 1,2 and 4, the next day we let them lose in the school. the principal along with all the teachers were freaking out, they eventually found all 3 chickens, but since they were numberes 1,2 and 4 they thought number 3 was missing. we ended up staying at school until 5:30 that day. And they called some animal control to find the number 3.
Chained Tables
I'm a sophomore and some of my friends sit at two tables outside. One day, some senior guys tried to take the table before anyone got out. My friend was already sitting on it and would move! Then the other guys came out and tried to take the table back. But the senior guys ended up getting it. The next day our friend hayden brought some chains with locks on them. They took their table back chained it to the founntain with the other table! Then they went to the senior guys two tables and flipped them over and chained them to the fence! My friend owen hide the key in the sole of his shoe! it was the funniest thing ever! (apparantly the teachers didn't think so though cuz the seniors got the tables back!)
Crying Sub!
Okay one time we had this really stupid mean sub that we totally hated and he made us put our heads down for like 2 hours no joke and i decided to pass this note aroud the class and it said everyone be loud and start like yelling and being annoying to piss off the teacher at 2:00 and every1 did and every 5 minutes we would do it all over again and we were just being totally obnoxious and he went to go tell another teacher and she wasn't in her room so he went to go tell the vice principle and he wasn't there either so he came back into the class room with a pissed off look on his face and we were acting all angelic and he looked relieved then 15 mins later we did the same thing and started yelling happy new years even tho it was february! and the sub started to cry and he was an 65 year old man wow lol and after school i went up to him talking all fast and i was twitching and i was like s- sorry i was act- acting like that i j-just forgot
to t-take my pills this morning! and ran off and i was like i hope you never come back and the next day the principle was in our room and was talking to us and was starring at me the whole time! lol
So, one day i went to school and tied some string to a card and taped it to the top of my enemys locker, he screamed, because he was afraid of anything to do with magic or illusions, which i enjoy showing my classmates.
Jamie Jamie Jamie.....
It Was My 8th Birthday Party i had a few friends (one a girl) for a sleepover there was callum, emily, jamie, chris and tobious anuway. everyone was asleap when me and my friend callum woke up. we dicided it would e a good idea to roll jamie on top of the girl (emily) so we did and the next morning we were woken by a scream "GET THE HELL OFF ME"lol XD
House on fire!
Me and my friends were playing manhunt with a bunch of kids froom m nabhorhood and this really good gy was on the other team. To get him to loose, we told him his house was on fire and he actully believed us!!! LOLZ
Freddy Krueger Prank LMAO!
One Time When Me And My Best Mate Ben Were At My Cousins House. We Decided To Prank Him with a Freddy Mask. Since It was about 2:00 in the afternoon, we decided to go to a costume shop and buy a Freddy outfit. Ben wore the costume (including realistic mask) and I attached a speaker to him and went into the bathroom. My Cousin was watching Freddy vs Jason at the time (What Chance :P) and we turned off the lights and Ben ran in and I talked. My cousin kept shouting "I'LL JOIN YOU JUST DONT HURT ME!" and "PLEASE, I HAVENT BEEN TO CANADA YET!!!" He, Ben And I Were Peeing ourselves luaghing (my cousin was of fright though). Then he got revenge on us the next day with fake blood in my bed cuz im scared of bleeding! Thats it ( For Now...)"Prank Perfect Attandance card,I was at school and my friends and I got a crazy idea so I put on the attendance card (u get thouse if u are there all week and they draw your name to win a prize) so I
put Hugh Jass on it and the principal read it. It was a good joke
Prank Calling
Me and my friend Chelsey were bored so we're like ok lets prank call someone.We dialed a random number and it was Verizon.This dude goes hello Verizon and we were lik singing Happy Birthday to him it got him SO irratated!Then we were like thats fun lets do it again!So we dialed her moms number and we were like Hello and there like who is this and she goes you called me and we were like no u called us and shes like i dont get it and we're like trust us and she goes okay.
Salt Shaker
me, my brother, and my 3 cuzins was eating dinner....and me my brother and 2 of my cuzins already used the salt and pepper.....well my little cuzin was doin some thing so i hurried up and took the salt shakers lid like almost all the way off......and then she took it and when to go shake it on her food and the lid and ALL the salt went in her food lol (the salt shaker was like almost full to the tippy top to)....it was soooo funny...i almost peed my pants lol
My bffs and I really "hate" this girl a grade younger than us. Her name is Teresa. Well, we pranked her at this slumber party we had. Well she answered the phone and we pretended to be this girl in our class that gets along with her, Brittney. We were like Hi Teresa this is Brittney. We should hang out sometime soon. Then Teresa said hold on. Whem she came back, we were like hey its Mariah. (Mariah is one of the bffs) And Teresa had this mad tone I know. Then she was like saying this stuff about us and I said Well first of all you are so full of yourself and then her dad came on while I was saying that. Then we hung up and were freaked out! Like the next month her mom came in crying saying that we have a I Hate Teresa Club cause appearently Teresa had a I Hate...some club. So we kinda got in truble at school for it when it happened at home. :[
So this is taken off of the show "The Office". My friends Ashley and Melissa went to a hockey game recently. Well Melissa looks like one of the opposing players' wife. So they went into the visiting teams' dressing room and they switched all the blue tooth phones they could. Also switched the phones from English to Russian. Still to this day the opposing team hasn't figured it out.
Bagged Doodoo
Me and my friend jacob were having a sleepover and i didn't like my mom's boyfriend who lived with us and i said lets pull a prank on him. So we took frosting and put it in a brown paper bag and put my mom's boyfriend's name on it and put the bag on the computer chair. We had done it at like 3:30 in the morning so we slept and when we woke up he was like you put dog poop in here we laughed for practically an hour it was soo halarious!
Dublin Calling
In the summer of 2007 I went on a trip to the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland with a group of other high school students. Well me and my best friends got a great idea in Dublin, Ireland. We were at the hotel and decided to play "Ding Dong Ditch" on the guys. So as we were walking through the narrow hallway we knocked on their door and RAN!!! However there were 3 of us and it was a old hotel with small hallways. We got caught!!! Ben (one of the guys) came out of the room furious with us and saying he was going to tell the leader. The leader found out, however John (Ben's friend, also our friend) talked Ben into not giving out any names. So these other guys got into trouble!!! We felt so bad we went out and bought them candy.
Pranks In The Store
Once me and my cousin Andrew were in a store. We are like brother and sister together and have a knack for pulling pranks!!! Well in the store I was like "Hey Andy! I've got an idea!" Now mind you we are both in our late teens. He's like Okay what is it?!" So I tell him and he thinks it's a great idea!!! Now wanna know what the idea was??? We hide in the clothing racks at the store and said "Pick me! Pick me!" And "DON'T LET THEM SUCK YOU IN TOO!!!" All the while slightly shaking the clothes!!! It was so funny the lady had no clue what was going on!!!
Pool Prank
So me and my cousin were EXTREMELY bored... so after a while we decided to go to the pool.When we saw our aunt we went running and got some blue food coloring.When our aunt wasn't looking,we mixed the food coloring with the sunblock and ran back to the hotel room.When she came back,she looked like a blueberry and she cracked up when she saw herself in the mirror.He he.
Stiff Undies
My cousins: Jason, Mike and John used to put all my other cousin John's underwear in the sink and then put them in the freezer. He said he used to microwave them so he would have underwear for school XD
Foreign Launguages
well me and my friend were at my house one day while I was grounded, and we were really bored cuz it was summer and I wasn't even allowed to have her over, but yeah, we called her other friend's little sister, and her mom picked up, and I didn't know what to do, cuz I thought it'd be the sister, so I started talking in Korean, and the mom started freaking out, cuz I was yelling at her and stuff, and she got her husband and he started yelling at me and I pretended to cry over the phone and hung up, it was so funny...yupyup..good times.
The Call
Hahhaha, once it was my friends bdday sleepover and we went to her house..and we were soo bored that we decided to prank call random people..so..we randomnly dialed a 7 digit number and got this man to pick up, we were like "hello, how are u sir?" he said "im good,whoes this" One of my frends said.. "u shouldnt be good..COS UR FIRED!"he was like"wTF!!!"and we hung up..that man called back and my frends father picked up and got told off because of us! but..we still enjoyed!

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